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Union County Airport

at Union County Airport, Troy Shelton Field

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From R Montambo on 21-Jun-2019

  A regular stop when heading to Triple Tree Aerodrome! Topping off with the self-service fuel is easy and convenient!
From Clark Jernigan on 22-Oct-2017

  Once two months ago the pump was inop, frustrating to not know before landing. It was after the mechanic was closed so unable to verify by phone call. Recently it would not accept my Visa card, yet I successfully used my Visa hours before and hours after. It did accept another charge card. Glad I had another. It is very easy to taxi in and out and the price makes it worth the occasional frustration
From Elliot Zeltzer on 06-Mar-2017

  35A Union County was attracted to this airport as low cost fuel stop. The price was as advertised and the pump worked. Note this airport is built on a hill with obstacles on the 23 approach. Runway is in good condition however there are NO comfort facilities no indoor bathroom or pilot access to weather. NO ASOS or AWOS. Only porta-john for relief! Will not return despite the low cost of fuel.
From Tom Slavonik on 29-Aug-2016

  Got some gas and wasn't able to start my C182 afterwards. Fortunately for me, Ronnie Wade, the Airport Manager, was working late and came out to assist me. He helped me get a jump start using his truck and stayed out there with me for a good half hour while my cantankerous 182 did it's hard to start thing. Don't know what I would have done without him, and he refused to take a small token of my appreciation. Thanks Ronnie, you really saved the day for me. I'll definitely be back again as they have great fuel prices too.
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