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Port of Gold Beach

at Gold Beach Municipal Airport

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From Daniel Lubell on 29-Jun-2016

  Great small airport and town. The Port staff was very helpful. I called in advance, and they set me up with a rental "airport" car to use during my vacation visit. Airport is well maintained, with easy parking, fuel, and a pilot lounge building. There is a commercial campground adjacent to the property, but I stayed in a local hotel. Restaurants are an easy walk from the airport, in the port and on the main street. For some reason of the geography, this airport does not get fog as serious as the ones nearby. The lack of instrument approaches is supposedly not a problem most of the time, and was definitely not a problem for us. Overall, a great getaway town and airport. Enjoy!
From Carl Marbach on 01-Sep-2015

  It looks deserted and the fuel is Self Serve... But the Port of Gold Beach is right around the corner and ready to help! They have rental car(s) and are very nice. We were helped with the fuel and helped to a parking place. We love Gold Beach.
From Rod Kellogg on 08-Feb-2015

  Great local aviation community that took us under their wings. We are delivering 2 Carbon Cubs to Alabama and have been dogged by bad weather. We made it to the coast today and began our southward trek, encountering extreme headwinds (ground speeds getting as low as 20mph's today) with winds 150@24G38 we decided we would try our hand at a landing on 16. Thankfully the ground shear was non-existent and we made some smooth landings (taxiing on the other hand was harrowing). Upon getting the planes behind some hangars to block the wind, a few local pilots and enthusiasts greeted us and inquired why we were out on this blustery day. After some great fellowship and some help securing the planes in a couple of hangars, we were provided a personal car from a local fishing guide to use for the night. Its great to experience some over the top hospitality after an over the top day of flying and an over the top stay in a beautiful town like Gold Beach. If you are in the area, stop in.
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