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Air Galore

at Boonville Airport

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Contact information
Address:Boonville Airport
Boonville, CA 95415
United States of America
Telephone: 707-972-4498
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From Daniel Lubell on 27-Nov-2017

  A fine group of pilots. I was planning to go to KLLR and get a car from Air Galore. Mary was very helpful over the phone, and gave great local pilot advice, including same-day ground level weather updates though it was her Thanksgiving, too. She also helped with planning around the local weather changes. Despite clear weather reported when we took off from Los Angeles, KLLR was locked-down in fog when we got there 3 hours later. Thanks to Mary's tips, I already had a 2nd airport (Boonville) in mind, and knew they would pick me up. If you do not read up on it first, you may find Boonville intimidating. Or worse, taxi on the public road. The flight prep from Mary was therefore essential. From watching on FlightAware, Gerry knew we were missed at KLLR, and was waiting for us when we touched down at D83. Great guy to talk to, and later proved to be super-helpful when we were leaving. I will cross-post this on KLLR page for Air Galore over there.
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