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Aircraft Maintenance Specialist

at North Palm Beach County General Aviation Airport

  • Oxygen service
  • Aircraft maintenance
  • Aircraft modifications
  • Aircraft parts
  • Aircraft sales / leasing / brokerage
  • Aircraft management
  • Courtesy transportation
  • Internet access
  • Restrooms
Contact information
Address:11550 Aviation Blvd.
Suite #4
West Palm Beach, FL 33412
United States of America
Telephone: 561-625-7979
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From Douglas I. Kirkland on 23-Jul-2018

  We regularly fly into F45 to visit family. Twice now, Aircraft Maintenance Specialists has provided on the spot, excellent maintenance to get us back up and in service. While there in mid July, our battery solenoid failed, and AMS got us back up and operating in just a few hours. John coordinated the new part, Roland fixed us up like new, and they even lent us one of their personal cars to get breakfast! Also, these folks are outstanding at helping legacy Cessna owners find parts in short supply! Keep up the great work, and we'll be back soon!
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