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Columbia-Adair County Airport

at Columbia-Adair County Airport

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From Brian Crane on 28-Nov-2017

  Flew the 150 here at night to pick up a friend whose engine let go just after overflying this field. Great little 2, 600 foot strip, with probably the nicest self-serve fuel island I've seen to date. A gentleman named Perry stayed late & took good care of us even fueled the 150 for me. Will definitely make a point to stop here again if I'm in the area.
From Eric Popper on 08-Oct-2017

  A follow up to my comment from last week. After an email followed by a call back from KYDOT, I am confident that this situation will be resolved. KYDOT supports in GA and wants good airports.
From Eric Popper on 01-Oct-2017

  This airport is terrible. Despite the advertised low fuel price and 24 hour cc reader, the airport has no fuel. The fuel farm is broken long-term and only the airport manager can operate it. The airport is unattended and the list of phone contacts on the door for service is leads you through conversations with a bunch of people who have no capability of supporting an airport. In my particular experience I was told at 1045 that the airport manager was working 2 hours away and would be available to help me get fuel after hours only. They also insisted that there was a NOTAM about the lack of fuel. Not true. According to FSS, the airport has 24 hour fuel with cc reader. Don't land here.
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