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City of Alturas

at Alturas Municipal Airport

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From Cameron Etezadi on 14-Dec-2020

  Unscheduled landing here due to some really bad weather (ice and snow). The airport was locked up tight, other than the bathrooms, which were warm and open. While the airport appeared unattended, we were actually met by a couple of folks who were super kind to my copilot and me, helped us with the courtesy car, pilot lounge, gate codes, and suggested where we ought to say for the evening. Friendly folks, helpful as could be, and welcoming to some strangers stranded on their way east. Would gladly visit again under better circumstances.
From Wes French on 24-Jul-2019

  Very nice little airport. I needed to run to Alturas for a very short drop something off in town trip. Courtesy car was available and Jeff got me the keys even though he was gone for the day. Gas is a little high but its California so you can't blame the airport.
From Paul Kirschel on 03-May-2019

  The airport still offers full serve Jet A service although at this time do not employ anybody at the airport. I ended up calling City Hall before we began our flight to Alturas. I was put in touch with the Public Works Department. They were extremely helpful and had a person down to run the fuel truck pretty quickly.
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