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Napa Jet Center, Inc.

Napa County Airport
UNICOM 122.95

2030 Airport Road
Napa, CA 94558-6208
United States of America

toll-free 1-800-229-6272
Fax 707-257-7770

 NATA Safety 1st   WSI Pilotbrief   Bravo Rewards   EPIC Card   Enterprise Rent-A-Car   Cessna Service Center   National Business Aviation Association 
Services, Facilities and Amenities
  • Full Service Fixed Base Operator
  • NATA Safety 1st Certified Line Technicians
  • Disney and Ritz Carlton Inspired Trained Staff
  • Napa Valley Concierge Services
  • Corporate Hangar Space - Long Term and Overnight
  • Aircraft Maintenance, Oxygen and Nitrogen Services
  • Rental Cars, Crew Cars
  • Complimentary Use of Crew Golf Clubs
  • Flight Planning Room with WSI and Free Wi-Fi
  • Business Center, Conference Rooms
  • Pilot Lounges, Showers
  • Complete Aircraft Detailing
  • Lav and Potable Water Carts, GPUs
  • Catering
  • Pilot and Gift Shop
  • Aircraft Rental and Flight Instruction
  • Aircraft Charter and Management
  • Aircraft Sales
Aviation fuel services
Brand: EPIC
Fueling hours: 0600-2100 7 days per week. On call 2101-0559 800-229-6272 opt. 9
100LL Avgas Full service    $5.79
100LL Avgas Self service    $4.99
Jet A Full service    $5.99
Discounts: EPIC card gets you the best price on the field.
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From Branden Jackson on 15-Jun-2018

  The service at Napa Jet Center is second to none. I have been flying in and out of the airport for several weeks on a daily basis doing survey work in a Cessna 206 and was treated very well by Pradeep and his staff. I'm terrible with names and wish I could acknowledge all of the wonderful ladies at the front desk that greet you with a warm smile welcoming you to such an amazing place. With a ramp full of corporate jets and turbo props the level of service for our 206 was not degraded in the slightest measure. Right after shutting down the engine a line service worker politely approached us to see if we needed any service and a fuel truck arrived almost immediately on every visit. I highly recommend if you're in the Napa area to stop in at the Napa Jet Center for a bite to eat and tour the various wineries. The facilities are clean and comfortable and you get a very region appropriate gift with every fueling which is just the cherry on top of a great experience.
From Jonathan Strange on 03-Jun-2018

  Excellent FBO. Pradeep, Nadia, Jennifer, and all of the line folks where very professional, kind, helpful, and went above and beyond to meet our needs. My FBO of choice in the area for sure.
From Brandon Jones on 19-May-2018

  Napa Jet Center was very helpful during our visit a few days ago! Upon arrival we received prompt service from line personnel, who had our rental car and personal vehicle planeside before we could even open the door! Bravo! Morgan, Nadia, and Pradeep were very friendly and accommodating! One small suggestion for the line staff: make sure that the area around the fuel caps is cleaned up after fueling. When we leaving, we noticed a little fuel residue near our wings (probably from a dirty protective mat) that left an oily film on the paint (it was easily cleaned off with a rag/towel). Other than that, the service was spot on! Good work! We will be back!
From Barry Thys on 14-May-2018

  These guys do a great job. The employees have a great attitude and always treat me like royalty. The business is well managed and everyone seems to know what to do in an efficient manner. I highly recommend stopping in on your next trip.
From John May on 23-Apr-2018

  Grace and fellow employees were an excellent help when we showed-up unexpectedly. She arranged a rental car, room, and area map while taking fuel order during a very busy time with many aircraft, cars, and piots on the ramp. The FBO was running like a well "oiled" machine1 plus she provided a bottle of wine to boot! It was a nice end to a hectic day
From Rick Sharpe on 16-Apr-2018

  Christine does a wonderful job as does the manager, Pradeep, who takes customer service to the highest standards. One of the best independent FBOs around!!!!
From Kevin Colson on 23-Feb-2018

  Tony and Tyler helped my passengers and crew better then expected. These guys really made a great impression. Also Jennifer at the counter and the other two ladies did a great job of taking great care of the transition from flying to enjoying Napa. I can't thank them enough.
From Mark Casburn on 11-Aug-2017

  Every stopover at Napa Jet Center is amazing. The line service is outstanding. When our door opens they are there with everything we called ahead for. The CSRs inside are equally proficient. Thank you to Jennifer, Christine, and the entire line staff.
From Izzy Gryko on 19-Jul-2017

  Flew into Napa in my Bonanza and got really good service. Rental car was arranged the day before without any hassles, and it was brought right to the airplane as soon as I parked. Good directions about the area and coupons for wine tasting upgrades at various wineries in the Napa Valley. A free bottle of Merlot as a good-bye gift was a nice touch on departure. $10/night ramp fee not waived with fuel purchase (fee goes to the county, not to the FBO).
From Peter Misunas on 14-Jul-2017

  Outstanding FBO. Line staff appeared immediately to direct me to parking, unload baggage, and refuel. Extremely friendly and helpful front desk personnel, especially Tanya, Nadia and Jennifer; arranging hotel reservations and providing courtesy car for quick trip to Sonoma Raceway. Fair fuel price for all you receive in service.
From David Mendelson on 05-Jul-2017

  We flew in over the weekend on our Piper Aztec. I can't say enough good things about the service. Tanya was working and paid extraordinary attention to detail and was there to provide us any assistance we needed. We appreciate her showing us the amazing on sight wine collection! I will be back soon for certain!!
From Dmitriy Osadchiy on 03-Jul-2017

  I've done a lot of flying around the US and this is by far the best FBO I've ever visited. Service is great, quick, super friendly, the staff is fun to talk to, and the most fun I've ever had on a layover. Great nearby food recommendations. The complimentary wine is a huge plus. Jennifer, Tanya, and Nadia: you girls light the place up and continue to do so!
From Jeramey Shoffitt on 23-Jun-2017

  Fly in here about once a week and always we are greeted with friendly staff and smiling faces. The Napa Jet Center is always clean and a great place to cool down in the summer. Make sure you stop in next time on you way through.
From Pierre Melcher on 21-Jun-2017

  These guys are the only FBO choice here so you would not think that they would work this hard. We got great service. Thanks Pradeep. Nadia should practice NOT smiling. :-)
From Jake Rosenbaum on 20-May-2017

  Tanya and Grace at Napa Jet Center were extremely nice and helpful. This is a wonderful FBO, with great coffee too!
From Dan Stallbaumer on 26-Apr-2017

  Above and beyond!! Nadia and Christine, without hesitation and cheerfully, helped us find a hotel and transportation. Clearly they are kind individuals and very good at what they do. They represented your business well. Thank you!!
From Romax Almeida on 08-Mar-2017

  This FBO is great in every way. Staff was super friendly specially Tanya and Christine who helped me and also gave me free bottle of wine. I am definitely going back there.
From Brian D Liddicoat on 30-Jan-2017

  Wonderful FBO: very friendly, very reliable. Really nice people. Whether you're flying a Gulfstream or a Cessna 152, they treat you first-class.
From Steve Moss on 05-Sep-2016

  Arrived in my DA40 and was immediately met by line guy who promptly brought rental car to plane and fueled me up as requested. Plenty of easy, roomy parking. Line staff was super friendly, professional and efficient, as were all the folks in the office. Fuel price (as published on AirNav) was cheaper than my home base! Overall great experience.
From Don Ferguson on 22-Aug-2016

  Napa Jet Center is the rebranded Bridgeford Flying Service. Expect fuel that priced fairly and good service. Us light piston singles do indeed park in front of the "old" building but ... Who cares? Rebranded or not, I notice they've been offering "aerial tours" for fifty-five years running!
From Doug McHaney on 15-Aug-2016

  I have used the Napa Jet Center many times, during slow periods as well as busy race weekends. The staff and service are excellent. Pradeep, the guy in charge, leads by example. He is out there giving customers great service, and coaching his staff to do the same, regardless of how many engines you have or what kind of fuel they burn. Everybody is a first-class customer. Like the Cirrus owner who posted a recent negative review, I'm flying a single-engine piston, and on busy weekends park in the secondary areas. This is out of practical necessity -- the small guys can't be near the jets and their thrust when taxiing. The Jet Center staff does a better job managing parking and service workload during peak periods than any other FBO I have visited. When the airport is really busy we all need to be a little understanding. But even when the Jet Center staff is running hard, they are friendly and helpful.
From Bruce Hill on 10-Jul-2016

  Great place to visit. Service was excellent and we got some wine guides and some free tastings at local wineries.
From Kerry Bunday on 26-Jun-2016

  I flew my Cirrus in KAPC last Sunday and once again (my 5th trip in) I felt like a second-class citizen. I had to call them 3 times on the Unicom before they would answer and then was directed over the transient parking area in front of the old terminal. If I was a jet or a larger multi, I would have been parked in front or at least temporally parked in front and then moved my the line guys. You know, like real FBO's scattered around the country. Santa Rosa is SUCH a better experience.
From John Fiscus on 22-Jun-2016

  Excellent service and incredibly friendly people. I flew in on a corporate flight and due to a scheduling mistake my passengers' car was elsewhere. The people at Napa Jet jumped on the issue and literally within minutes had my passengers happily on their way to their destination. These guys know how to help out a corporate pilot and passengers. They also know how to take care of the little guys as I have also come in on a single engine piston and received the same kind of attention.
From David Hill on 09-Jun-2016

  NJC made my hotel and rental car reservations before I arrived. My rental car magically appeared next to my plane before I had my headset off, so did line guys—yes, plural—asking if they could do anything to help. So I was already going to give them five stars. But when I found during my departure pre-flight a couple of days later that my piston single had a serious mechanical problem, Carlo, Joel, and the rest of their maintenance team came up with a cost-effective solution that got me back in the air ASAP. Meanwhile, staff easily accommodated my change in plans. Equaling or surpassing standards of the Atlantics and Signatures of this world, this is a professional FBO, abundantly staffed by friendly and helpful people who know what they're doing. I'd give them ten stars if I could.
From Mike Foster on 08-Apr-2016

  Even with a C-182, I have always had great experience with everyone at Napa Jet Center. If requested in advance, our rental car is brought planeside and we're off to our Napa destination. Pradeep, the manager, is quite involved in making sure that customer service is the priority. This place doesn't have the greed like some of the Signature locations, which is a relief. Not all Signature locations are bad, it's just that some are over the top fee orientated.
From Doug Spencer on 28-Feb-2016

  Napa Jet Center provided exceptional, friendly, service when we landed in an Archer. They were very helpful and provided great recommendations of places to go and see in the area, coordinated a rental car, and were simply delightful to do business with and had a great attitude toward service. I highly recommend Napa Jet Center.
From Michael Morgan on 16-Jan-2016

  I flew up to Napa airport and stopped by the Napa Jet Center a few months and I must say I was thoroughly impressed! I flew there in Gold Cirrus SR22 and just had outstanding service from the staff, in particular Chris Oglive. I believe in acknowledging people that go above and beyond and it just felt great to be taken care of for the brief time I was there. The FBO was amazingly well managed and helped me with gas very promptly! Thank You Napa Jet Center!
From Alex Lopukhin on 25-Dec-2015

  Our 172 experienced a starter problem just before we were supposed to leave Napa. The Napa Jet center people were exceptional in helping. The mechanic Carlo came out to the line, then towed the aircraft to his hangar for further analysis, and the office staff (especially LeeAnn) were excellent as they helped me find a rental car two days before Christmas. Certainly all my business will be going their way!
From Eric Jin on 28-Nov-2015

  Outstanding service! Flew in a C172 but were treated like we rolled up in Citation...crew car available for use to grab lunch in Napa, cheap fuel prices, snacks and coffee available, and we were given bottle of wine for departure! Would return in a heartbeat.
From Jean Lafleur on 13-Nov-2015

  Great service and great people. Manager always makes you feel at home. Thank you Pradeep K. Panikar. PS Also great wine.
From Joe Mathews on 01-Sep-2015

  Landed and took some fuel a week ago. Very attentive staff and a great experience, the team happily lent us the crew car for lunch in the town. Would definitely recommend and will look to return. Many thanks.
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