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Runway Cafe

at Catalina Airport

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From John Clear on 23-Sep-2021

  Restaurant is open again and very busy when we flew in on September 19. Food is basic but good and not too overpriced considering the island locatin.
From Charles Lawson on 03-Feb-2021

  According to the Website, the restaurant will be re-opening in few days. In the meantime, picnic and takeout fare is available.
From Art Friedman on 12-Nov-2019

  The revamping has given a smoother runway and more parking spaces. The daily landing fee has gone from $25 to $35, and the cost for an annual Aero Club membership (which gives you an unlimited number of landings) is now $210 instead of $150. That would be OK, except, unlike the past, the DC-3 restaurant now only gives you ONE free cookie per visit with your Aero Club card, not one for everyone in your party as before. Almost makes you want to stay at home.
From Rich Pickett on 16-Oct-2019

  I've been visiting the cafe for many years, and it has always been enjoyable including today! The prices are reasonable and the location excellent. The new runway is better, but still rough, so use your soft field technique for the bumps in the concrete.
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