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Baxley Air

at Baxley Municipal Airport

Services, Facilities and Amenities
  • Quality Phillips 66 Aviation Fuels
  • Low priced 100LL and Jet-A fuels. We hold our prices steady.
  • Airport manager on call 24 hours a day, after hours phone number posted at the airport.
  • Courtesy van available for pilots and crews to use to go to town, have a meal, or visit Baxley. This van is provided as a courtesy, to our esteemed visitors.
  • We now have Pilot Sleeping Quarters and Showers available in our New Terminal Building. The Rooms are FREE of charge for overnight pilots. We prefer you to call ahead and request to stay. You must contact the Airport Manager for code to stay overnight.
Aviation fuel services
Brand: Phillips 66
Fueling hours: Self-service 100LL Avgas and Jet-A available 24 hours a day.
100LL Avgas Self service    $4.35
Jet A Self service    $3.65
Prices include all taxes.
We accept American Express, Discover, VISA, MasterCard, Phillips 66  
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Contact information
Address:361 Airport Road
Baxley, GA 31513-2945
United States of America
Telephone: 912-367-3232
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From Randall VanLaar on 01-Apr-2018

  We stayed here on 3-29-2018, Baxley Municipal is amazing! We had to stay the night because of weather. Tyler said we could use the room upstairs. It was wonderful, better than most hotel rooms I've stayed in. Also had a van we could go to town in. The only issue I have is with other aviators. There are too many out there that don't respect other peoples property. The gas pump ground wire was broken because someone had just let it slam back to its stop and the pump hose wheel also broken because someone did not take the time to wind it up correctly. It is a privilege to use these airports. If we as pilots do not leave them looking better than when we came we will loose this privilege. That said, thanks to the town of Baxley for the chance stay at this gem of an airport!
From Steven L. Hammer on 21-Mar-2018

  Thank you this is the FBO at KBHC, Baxley airport, where my brother Bruce did his unscheduled landing due to supercharger failure. I joined him there for a little moral support. We spent the night at the FBO where they have two beautiful upstairs bedrooms for stranded pilots like us. Many thanks to the airport manager, Tyler Beach for giving us a place to stay, providing a courtesy car and a hangar to work in out of the rain. Bruce and I are both back home now. Thank you to all the concerned friends and family members who sent positive thoughts and prayers our way!
From Mike Cowan on 01-Jan-2018

  First visit to Baxley's unusually luxurious FBO. A must-see even if you don't need gas, which was quite reasonable - especially considering the pilot-friendly amenities. We'll be back!
From John & Lynne Winkers N3398X on 16-Nov-2017

  We always stop to visit Tyler and his Dad at Baxley. The accommodations there are the best and the fuel prices are really good. See you next year, Sincerely
From Jesse Heiskanen on 07-Nov-2017

  What an awesome small airfield and a great FBO! Fuel prices are great and the services provided by Baxley Air are one in a kind. Facilities are nice and fresh, you can find two bedrooms (with own showers and bathrooms) upstairs where you can stay overnight (for free!). Also a crew car is available to go get something to eat in Baxley, which is located only a few minutes away. Thank you Tyler Beach for providing this great FBO for pilots!
From Doug Garrou on 11-Apr-2017

  OMG permit me to rave about this place. Seriously cheap fuel from a nice fueling facility, and a "self serve" FBO building that is accessible by keypad. The building is gorgeous and clean, and has snacks on the honor system. Who could ask for more?!? We'll be back!!
From Diane Burwen on 20-Mar-2017

  It's taken me a few months to write this long overdue review of the amazing Baxley FBO. I flew into Baxley at night intending it to be a quick fuel stop on the way from MA to southwest Florida. I had intended to fuel up and take off but I stopped into the FBO to use the restroom and was blown away by how nice the FBO was. There was no one there but there were snacks and waters you could buy on the honor system. I was getting tired and thought I would look for a snooze room and I was very impressed with what I found. Upstairs were two in-suite bedrooms, set up like hotel rooms, with fresh linens, and towels and everything you need. I decided to stay in the larger bedroom and felt very safe and comfortable. I left early in the morning refreshed and ready for long flight home. Thank you Baxley FBO!
From James Coughlin on 16-Mar-2017

  Stopped for fuel enroute from Ohio to Southwest FL on March 10, 2017. Pump was out of service and the phone numbers to call re: the pump and another for the airport manager did not work. Packed up and flew 12 miles to Alma and picked up comparably priced fuel. Have been to Baxley several times in years past without a problem.... Beautiful FBO facility. Disappointed that the fuel problem wasn't NOTAM'd.
From John & Lynne Winkers N3398X on 14-Nov-2016

  Dear Friends, If you have never been to Baxley Airport, You are making a big mistake, It is the best kept secret in the south. It is our favorite stop each year coming home from the Bahamas, It is like staying at a Five star Hotel, everything is perfect, the airport has great fuel, great rooms and always a car for you, If all airports would be like this what fun we would flying all over the USA!!!!!!!!!! Thank you Baxley, for making our stay wonderful, Sincerely, see you next year.
From Devin Bell on 01-Nov-2016

  This place is amazing. I was flying from KVDF to KOGB and had to find a place to land due to inclement weather. I am so glad that it happened to be Baxley. I had to end up staying overnight and was able to stay at the FBO for free and use the courtesy car to go out and get a bite to eat. The new facility is top notch. This should be the standard for all FBO's. I will be stopping by here again as I travel to Florida quite often, even though it is a little out of the way.
From Jon Vitt on 27-Sep-2016

  This is the most awesome FBO I've seen yet! Went in on Sunday morning and was amazed at the facilities. The story of how a then high school student worked to have these improvements made and how he is now the airport manager deserves more attention. Super clean, Super Cool and beyond expectations for any GA Airport. Kudos to Baxley City Council for getting this one right! I was able to land and drive into town and spend money supporting the local economy. Anyone who would complain about this airport probably spends time complaining on Yelp about having to wait 5 minutes for a burger.
From Robbie Skinner on 20-Aug-2016

  What's beautiful is that this place is quiet, not sure how long that will last. The FBO is so nice to stay in. Better than a hotel. 3 big screen TVs, conference room, leather couches, cold AC and cheap gas. Clean crew car. Anyone who would have something negative to say is just mentally disturbed. I've been all over Florida, the facilities here are better than any I've ever seen. When you land, you want have a golf cart to follow or need to check in. You don't need it. You enjoy yourself as you see fit. Without interruption. Just read the signs, relax and enjoy your stay. No rush.
From Jim Wortham on 10-Aug-2016

  Listed in the database as "full service", but landed in the middle of the afternoon on a Wednesday, and not a soul on the whole field. Found self-service fuel with only a munchkin ladder and no caps on the fuel nozzles, no single-point either. This airport is not serious about selling jet fuel. Better call ahead if you want bathroom or water, to make sure someone is even there.
From Viktor Emil on 27-Jul-2016

  Wow, just wow. This place is amazing. The staff is awesome. Will be back for sure. This place is just a paradise. Thanks for everything.
From Michael Petrillo on 09-Jul-2016

  Very nice airport! Awesome experience!
From Kevin Kauffman on 04-Jul-2016

  We stopped there on a Sunday in a Beechcraft Bonanza G36, which does not like hot starts, and we got stuck there for a few hours and Tyler Beach came out and helped us try to get it started, and we couldn't. (HINT-24v) so we rigged up a charger to put on the plane on charge for 20 min and finally got it started. Great people, awesome FBO, low price fuel.
From Gregg Sengstack on 03-Jun-2016

  Stopped for low cost fuel. Stayed due to the hospitality of the airport manager (Tyler) and his dad. I agree with the prior comments about the facility. Good local options for food. Hope the get a tug and hangar to support overnight stays.
From Chris Wallace on 19-May-2016

  Great facilities! The staff at Baxley is extremely courteous and go out of their way to make sure you have everything you need. The only things lacking are a single point attachment for Jet A fueling, a tug and hangar to protect transient aircraft from inclement weather.
From Kenny Price on 19-May-2016

  Our company has flown into Baxley several times. Always had a good experience. The FBO is a new two story with two bedrooms (each with a full bath), couch and workstation upstairs. Downstairs has kitchen area, large conference room, workstation, and sitting area.
From Tom Reese on 07-May-2016

  The fuel was reasonably priced, Dick's Wings was great and the overnight accommodations were superb. I only regret that I could not thank Tyler personally due to an early departure. We will make Baxley a regular stop from now on.
From S Dwyer on 30-Apr-2016

  Stopped in for fuel. I was blown away by the wonderful facilities and incredible amenities! I will return ! (and hopefully get weathered-in someday)
From S Dwyer on 30-Apr-2016

  Stopped in for fuel. I was blown away by the wonderful facilities and incredible amenities...Top shelf in my book! I will return! (And I hope to get weathered in someday)
From T Bird on 28-Apr-2016

  We stayed for one night so we could go to the Vidalia onion festival. Vidalia was fully booked. The Baxley FBO has two superb bedrooms upstairs with ensuites and a little lounge area, free to pilots! How fantastic! They have a big van as a crew car. We didn't use it as we got a rental from the local car dealer for $60. Tyler was extremely helpful. We really recommend this as a stopover. I shot the gps in imc and that worked well but they also have an Ndb if you want old school, and the final bonus was a good fuel price! I think I will stop there again!
From Mike Mower on 19-Apr-2016

  Stopped at BHC for low cost fuel on the way home from Sun 'n Fun on April 11 and was pleasantly surprised with the new terminal building. My last stop here was several years ago. The Airport Manager's father greeted us, showed us around and invited us in for hamburgers and hot dogs. Definitely a great place to stop!
From Paul Alexander on 11-Apr-2016

  We stopped at Baxley because of low fuel prices, we were met by the FBO and his father who parked us refueled us and cooked a free hamburger with all the fixings. The facility was clean and well kept, in fact we had a tour and were pleasantly surprised to find two rooms upstairs, which were hotel quality and were provided free if one got storm stayed. I highly recommend KBHC. If you visit once it will become a regular stop.
From David Arbaugh on 10-Apr-2016

  Stopped in for cheap fuel to and from Sun N Fun ... Good food and company!!!!!!
From Chris Prentice on 10-Apr-2016

  I couldn't believe this FBO - only one word WOW! Stopped for fuel and was greeted by the FBO manager cooking us a hamburger on the grill and letting us tour the new facility. Fuel prices excellent and services as well. Will be back for sure.
From Robert Beach on 09-Apr-2016

  This is the greatest FBO I have ever used. They really like GA and cater to small airplanes. They have food for those going to SUN N Fun and also overnight rooms if you need one. People are just super. I always stop here whenever I am passing by.
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