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Paramus Flying Club

at Essex County Airport

  • Flying club
Contact information
Address:27 Wright Way
Suite 9
Fairfield, NJ 07004
United States of America
Telephone: 347-735-9732
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From Eduardo Acosta on 17-Dec-2016

  Huge shoutout to the Paramus Flying Club! Needed to overnight at KLDJ on this very cold winter week with forecast if snow showers with a Seneca that has to be pre-heated if engines are to ever start. Even though the guys move their planes out during the winter because of lack of pre-heating facilities at KLDJ they hooked me up with a member that could lend me his hangar and the Seneca was able to be nice and warm for my return the next morning. Just the kind of pilot community helping each other fabulous guys. Thanks much Matthew and Dave!
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