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Continental Services

at H L Sonny Callahan Airport

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From Phil Webb on 08-Dec-2020

  After flying in on December 5th to support the USS Alabama historical re-enactment, my plane developed a minor servicing issue, which left me temporarily stranded after the event. The folks from the FBO - in particular the duty lineman on that Saturday - were superb in their support which was instrumental in being able to get back into the air & get home! Not to mention the previous support & servicing of our 5 aircraft, which was excellent! Thank you so much for all the great support & assistance! Sincerely, JPW / N52PW
From J. Russell Armstrong on 04-Jun-2019

  Vadime and the rest of the crew is awesome. Very helpful & courteous.
From Robert Morris on 03-Apr-2019

  Can't even begin to describe the awesome service and attitude I encountered on this fuel stop. Vadim is top notch, needs a raise. Doug also went above and beyond with much needed advice after hours as I was troubleshooting a hard start issue. I found a new favorite fuel stop when traveling east to west near gulf coast. #welldone
From Michael Garel on 11-Dec-2018

  One of the best FBO experiences I've ever had. Got stuck for weather, was offered the crew car overnight, a great hotel rate, and excellent recommendations for the town, and a very comfortable FBO to wait out weather. Fairhope, AL is an amazing town. The employees went out of their way for everyone there, even running out in the pouring rain multiple times. I will definitely plan to stop in Fairhope again.
From Werner Bols on 13-Aug-2018

  Had to get to a military function in Mobile and this was a perfect airport with congenial and helpful line service.
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