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Roscoe Turner Airport

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From Dave Morris on 18-Sep-2016

  Stopped in for an overnight stay near closing time. Planned on launching first thing in the morning. Staff was friendly but unauthorized to offer the courtesy car which sat there unused all night. Not sure why that policy was in place. Otherwise, nice facility.
From Paul Burgette on 29-Aug-2016

  I have previously used this airport, during normal business hours, and was well pleased with all aspects of the operation. On 8-25 I stopped about dusk (after hours). Self-serve fuel was available but ... The credit card / control pedestal had a vinyl cover over it fouled with bird droppings. Peeling the cover back for access to the control surface, I found that it too was fouled with more bird droppings. The building was locked so the toilet was inaccessible. There was an indication of weak Internet connectivity on the ramp but not sufficiently strong to download data for a weather update. Finally, not a criticism but an FYI: the SS fuel hose is a wee bit on the short side. My plane is heavy enough that I cannot move it single-handed when heavy. Thus I parked at a right angle to the fuel pit with my wingtip in close. The hose just barely reached. This will not be a problem for 99% of operators. Bottom line? Great stop during business hours: after-hours? Not so much.
From Ben Meyer on 13-Jun-2016

  Great stop! Easy in and out! Very helpful!
From Bob Tridle on 17-May-2016

  I've used this airport as our stop many times and over many years. My only disappointment this time was as we taxied to the self-serve there was a small sign saying OUT OF SERVICE. Didn't see it until we shut down and self-serve is a distance away from the FBO. We started up and taxied over and found the same warm welcome. Only fuel available was at full service prices. A nice gesture would have been to offer the self-serve price while they were waiting for a fuel part (historically, this is what I've found when similar situations). Better signage at self-serve and accommodating price would have left me much happier.
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