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Delta Regional Airport

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Comments from AirNav users
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From Dave Gamble on 05-Sep-2019

  I landed for fuel mid-week and the airport was absolutely deserted. Not a soul in sight. That turned out not to matter at all - the combo to the door is based on the Unicom frequency, plus an asterisk. It's not their fault that I spend a couple of minutes looking for the text that goes with the asterisk - I guess I was just a bit tired. There is a very nice looking courtesy car - the instructions for using it are in the building. The fuel was reasonably priced at $3.99, although RV-12 owners will want to by very careful pumping it - the pump is super fast and is a guaranteed gas-bath for the careless RV-12 pilot. Ask me how I know....
From Andrew Riepe on 11-Jun-2019

  Really a great fuel stop. Do plan on coming here. The manager/volunteer Shannon works close and is easily reachable. He bent over backwards to help us out even with a modest fuel purchase. Awesome courtesy car service to grab a bite. Super nice facility and it shows that people care about this airport. Nice work all around!
From C Laing on 17-May-2019

  Landed at DRP today. New fuel pump works great ($3.90 LL !!) and door combo to the new terminal was posted airside. Really nice facility. Looks like some Tee Hangars are in construction.
From C Laing on 05-Mar-2019

  Flew X/C to DRP for fuel but was unable. Display on self-serve kiosk was crizzling and unreadable. Nice new terminal, but airside doors were locked and no combo for electronic gate posted.

Response from Corbin Brown, Treasurer, Delta Regional Airport
Delta Regional is back in business for fuel sales. Fuel is $3.35 until the next board meeting.

From Ben Meyer on 15-May-2018

  Nice new airport. Easy to use self service gas, $4.15 or so. Looks like a new terminal is going up, too.
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