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Northern Air

at Murray Field Airport

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From Chris Blumenthal on 13-Nov-2017

  Very friendly but no Wi-Fi at the FBO. Had to file flight plan by phone with a briefer. Hadn't done that for a while. Fuel looks like it's self-serve but requires an attendant.
From Artiom Shamis on 20-May-2017

  Excellent FBO. Rick was very helpful with hotel reservation and gave us good pointers to POI in the town. Be aware that FBO closed at 5pm. Call them if you’re planning to arrive after 5. Very nice gift shop offering a good selection of gifts for all ages.
From Daniel Lubell on 17-Feb-2016

  I had a holiday weekend trip planned in the redwoods and a car already reserved (Enterprise, off airport). We were much later than planned, and I had already cancelled the car in-flight when I saw we would be landing around 430 (Enterprise closes at 4pm on Saturday, closed on Sunday). I landed at KEKA as planned, and the guys in the FBO went way beyond expectations to help me find another car. Calling places, looking up numbers, and more. In the end, I had to hop over to KACV to get a car they helped me find, which was well worth it for me. Genuine customer service. Times like these, I wish I had reason to land there more often!
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