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Clarinda Flying Service

at Schenck Field Airport

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From Jesse Kaufman on 17-Aug-2017

  Stopped on business. Furniture is dated but comfortable. Didn't need fuel so can't speak for that. Used the courtesy car to get some lunch at Ice House. AC works in the car and the food was amazing! Definitely recommend and will stop again!
From Steven Smith on 26-Oct-2016

  Stopped here on our way east. Based on recent reviews and low 100LL price I called ahead to verify services, Tuesday 1pm local, no answer, no big deal. Decided to make it a stop anyway just with enough fuel for plan b or more based on the awesome advertised 100LL price. Facilities open and nice but dated like most Midwestern small airports, still unattended at 3pm local although signs of activity at the airport. Fuel pumping and CC reader no issues, although fuel was $4.39 (found out on the receipt) not the advertised $3.69. Not the end of the world but disappointing.
From Rob Morgan on 20-Oct-2016

  I stopped in at KICL in late September 2016. Fuel station ground contact was inop, as well as the fueling pump. Turns out from talking with a couple of locals that this condition had existed for a couple of weeks prior to my arrival. No NOTAM posted. I needed fuel, but fortunately had enough to get to another close by (out of my way) airport.
From John Hiatt on 30-Sep-2016

  Must have been there on a bad day. Vending machine not working, only weather reporting was barometer reading, grounding clip was broken, but that didn't matter because there was a connection issue with the fuel pump system dial-up, so fuel was not available. Decent restrooms and waiting area.
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