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Marshall Memorial Municipal Airport

at Marshall Memorial Municipal Airport

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From David Johnsen on 30-Jul-2019

  Good small town airport. Fuel stop on the way to Oshkosh. AWOS was reporting the wrong wind direction but fortunately, the airport manager radioed the correct information upon hearing my traffic call. Ramp was full of aerial spray planes but easy access to the self-serve pumps. Airport manager came out to the pumps and operated them for me, including pumping the fuel. Terminal building small but nicely furnished and clean. Fuel prices were reasonable. I would definitely stop here again.
From John Ford on 26-Jun-2018

  Adding some overdue comments, but we stopped in several times this past year, beginning with the eclipse event last summer. The airport folks were very friendly and welcoming...Events were well organized. The on-site air museum is a worthwhile stop. Small town airport, but very professionally run. No surprises.
From Joe Robertson on 06-Sep-2017

  Very helpful employees at the airport, and an easy to use self service pump. Very nice runway, friendly service, and cheap fuel makes this a great place to stop. Note that there's no taxi service in town anymore so make sure to have a backup plan if the courtesy car is out.
From Scott Durkee on 22-Jul-2017

  Airport is used quite a bit by Aerial Applicators. Numerous pallets of chemicals around the ramp and open air maintenance going on. I assume this is seasonal. Fuel pump is located at the southeast corner of the ramp. Tanks are setback from the ramp about 20+ feet, but the hose is plenty long enough. All worked well. Terminal building is clean and nice. Gentleman behind the counter offered a crew car for lunch, but we needed to move on. I would stop back again.
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