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Air Marion

at Marion Municipal Airport

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From Ken Deken on 15-Oct-2017

  Andy Darlington, I didn't get a chance to thank you enough for putting my N461A Bonanza in a hangar for windy weather, taking me to pre-flight it inside, and pulling me out for a quick departure yesterday! You are the "spirit of general aviation" and I owe you one!
From John Bellandi on 26-Jun-2017

  Looks like a nice airport but pretty useless with no guaranteed ground transportation. Courtesy car "might" be available does not cut it. Taxis and rental cars are closed on Sundays
From A. Edidin on 21-Aug-2016

  Stopped for fuel, which was very competitively priced. Gorgeous terminal, clean new loaner car, food about two miles north. First class operation - worth planning a fuel stop around.
From Gary Frick on 07-Aug-2016

  Excellent airport. Airport of the year for Indiana. Andy and Dick Darlington head Marion Air and FBO. They are both very helpful and a great source of aviation information. They are never too busy to stop and help you with a problem. Jeff the A&P is excellent, there is no problem he can't solve and nothing he can't fix.
From Robert Smith on 19-Apr-2016

  Stopped at Marion both ways flying to/from Bloomington, IL from Philly. Great airport and wonderful fuel price. As we landed today there was an Indiana Wesleyan student shooting video of the airport for local promotion. If anyone at airport knows where it will be published please post.
From John Leupp on 10-Nov-2015

  We stopped by on the way to Ohio from Oshkosh in the EAA sweepstakes Cub. Great prices, great service, free cookies and they even lined the runway up into the wind for us. That is what I call good service!
From Dave Arnholt on 18-May-2015

  Courtesy car is always available and cheap gas.
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