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Andrews-Murphy Air Service

at Western Carolina Regional Airport

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From Randy Garrett on 22-Aug-2017

  Fabulous service during Eclipse Day. Ramp was overflowing, but they parked and fueled everyone with a smile and friendly attitude. Very well organized. The airport itself is in a beautiful location.
From Perry Ragsdale on 17-Aug-2017

  I have flown into KRHP many times through the years. We used to have a cabin on Nantahala Lake. I have always found the folks here to be extremely nice and helpful. It's exhilarating to drop down into this beautiful valley. In VFR conditions we always looked forward to flying the "Ingles One" arrival. Drop into the valley heading 080, turn left at Ingles for a left base to runway 26. This is my favorite airport in Western North Carolina. Great job guys!
From Larry Johnson on 31-Jan-2016

  I flew in with a friend to have lunch at the Burger Basket (if you haven't been there, it needs to be on your bucket list!) and found out they don't have a crew car anymore. No problem, when Mike (I think I remembered his name correctly) found out we flew in just for lunch, he tossed me his keys and let us take his car instead. Not only is the flight into and out of the airport beautiful with all the mountain surrounding the airport, the staff's friendliness and eager to please attitude is great! When youíre in the SE, you need to stop here and try the Burger Basket and enjoy this FBO, Itís worth every dollar to come here for that $100 hamburger. (I came here in a twin engine, its still worth it as a $300 hamburger though!)
From Jack Showers on 12-Oct-2014

  I was one of several pilots who stopped here a few days ago trying to get across the ridge to Sevierville and points west during weather we elected not to fly. The airport manager insisted on doing the pumping, helped to push an airplane out of the way, and generally kept the wheels greased. Nice little airport. Bob is a handsome cat, too. By the way, the runway has stuff (hills, mountains, etc.) all around it.
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