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Tangier Island Airport

at Tangier Island Airport

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From Cathleen Steele on 11-Nov-2019

  Wonderful destination for a day trip. This island is suffering from climate change, but remember that this is a historical place. The residents are third and fourth generation who make their living from the water. It is impressive to witness self sufficiency in this day and age.
From Maria Esparraguera on 28-May-2019

  Flew in on Memorial Day, 2019. Honor system for landing fee. Runway was good but overgrown for the portion prior to the displaced threshold (for takeoff). Six planes on the ramp--remember to bring rope for tiedowns. Such a short walk into town and golf carts make a nice drive. Crab cakes/seafood are great. Don't expect fancy, but an interesting, historical island with good seafood. No Verizon cell phone service--you may be luckier with another provider, but don't expect it--
From Mike Marra on 24-Apr-2018

  Back to Tangier again on 21 April 2018. Still a great destination. Did a drive-about the Island using the golf carts and visiting several places. Still unseasonably cold for late April, but everything is coming alive for the summer after a very difficult winter where the island was "frozen-in" and food had to be delivered by air! This is my eighth flight here and I have enjoyed it each and every time. I will be back for the best crab cake’s anywhere!
From Mark Brenberger on 11-Jun-2017

  There is an airport attendant now, who tries to collect a landing fee when you arrive and when you depart. If you're smart, get a receipt or take a selfie when you hand over your sawbuck. What we saw of the island, it was a dump and the food was lousy, but the runway was in good shape and the PAX and Norfolk controllers were tight and professional. We came, we saw, we looked, we left, we won't go back.
From Mike Marra, Keystone Flight on 09-Jun-2017

  Back to Tangier in April to set-up a fly-in and ship-in mission trip from Carlisle, PA. All arrangements set for a 14-20 mission trip to help with construction, kids activities and elderly visits for the week. Great place to truly relax and enjoy the best seafood on the Bay!
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