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Yadkin Valley Aviation

at Elkin Municipal Airport

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From Mark Brenberger on 01-Sep-2019

  Outstanding airport because of the people (and the price of 100LL doesn't hurt either). We topped off the Skylane and asked if we could use the crew car. The nice fellow there said it had been in a collision with a deer and was out of service. He then called his father-in-law who came by and gave us the use of his personal vehicle. Since there is no Uber or Lyft service we accepted with the promise to return it full of gas. Had a quiet lunch and explored the town a little...And, yes, we filled that nice gentleman's car with gas on the way back. We'll probably stop the next time we're headed through that way just to visit and talk airplanes...Or helicopters... Just a really nice experience all around.
From Tom Gray on 18-Jul-2019

  What a great little airfield. The best fuel prices in the area. Friendly people, nice facilities. A crew car, nice FBO, maintenance on the field. I have stopped here several times for fuel and will continue to do so.
From Gary Parker on 06-Feb-2017

  Great FBO. Flew in this weekend to visit friends. The staff was awesome, friendly and efficient. They took great care of my Baron. Will be back.
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