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Barnstorm Cafe

at Big Bear City Airport

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From Steve Isaacs on 28-Mar-2016

  Had a wonderful brunch yesterday. There's good reason it's rated the #1 airport restaurant in "Flying" magazine. Renee the owner was delightful in recommending what to eat. Can't wait to go back.
From Gary Palmer on 20-Mar-2016

  I was alone and they said sit anywhere, I wanted the window seat but it was dirty. I waited and gave up to sit a row back from the window. Two guys walked in and were shown that table and the server asked them to wait while it was cleaned and they sat down. I was asked if I wanted anything to drink and asked for water. The other server came over a couple minutes later asking if I wanted something to drink. Again I asked for water and it arrived in reasonable time. I placed my order, the $14.00 roast beef sandwich with cheese and chili's and a side of slaw (other option was thick fries or homemade "German" potato salad, she said it was really just potatoes with wine vinegar and olive oil). Then lunch came, reasonable time. She dropped the plate off while serving those other two guys saying, "here's your sandwich". The plate contained the grilled sandwich and a small side bowl half filled with coleslaw. Taste was acceptable. The gas pit tells of 15% off, they never asked.
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