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United States of America


ID City Name
01CTBerlinBerlin Fairgrounds Heliport
CT05BloomfieldKaman Aerospace Corp Heliport
CT37BridgeportSikorsky Bridgeport Heliport
0CT7BridgeportBridgeport Hospital Heliport
CT12BridgeportMedical Center Heliport
CT60BristolUltimate Heliport
CT03BristolBristol Hospital Heliport
23CTBurlingtonBlanchette Heliport
0CT8DanburyDanbury Hospital Heliport
CT50East GranbyMarks Heliport
CT86East HaddamSanford Heliport
CT88East HartfordRentschler Heliport
02CTEllingtonStrangers Point Heliport
CT23EnfieldDella Heliport
CT27EnfieldTennessee F Heliport
CT97EssexMiddlesex Hospital Heliport
CT41FairfieldGeneral Electric Heliport
CT71FarmingtonOtis Helistop Division of Utc Heliport
CT75FarmingtonUConn Health Heliport
CT38GlastonburyCorporate Center Heliport
CT02GlastonburyClark Hill Heliport
CT40HamdenBob Thomas Ford Heliport
CT84HamdenPartyka Chevrolet Heliport
0CT5HartfordSt Francis Hospital Heliport
0CT9HartfordHartford Hospital Heliport
CT73HartfordSouth Meadows Heliport
CT06HartfordDelta One Heliport
04CTHarwintonShingle Mill Heliport
07CTHarwintonSilo Heliport
14CTMashantucketMPTN Heliport
CT21MeridenC N Flagg Heliport
CT95MeridenMeriden-Wallingford Hospital Heliport
CT25MiddleburyMiry Dam Heliport
CT98MiddletownMiddlesex Hospital Heliport
0CT6MiddletownMiddletown Heliport
CT46MilfordMilford-Alexander Heliport
69CTMysticThe Shore Heliport
5CT1NangatuckRondo Heliport
0CT3New BritainN B G H Heliport
1CT2New HavenYale New Haven Hospital Heliport
CT56Norwalk50 Washington Street Heliport
9CT1NorwalkThe Towers Heliport
CT91NorwalkUSSC Heliport
5CT4NorwalkNorwalk Hospital Heliport
CT93NorwichBackus Hospital Heliport
31CTPomfretQuiet Corner Heliport
CT92PortlandBemer Heliport
CT28Rocky HillConnecticut Dept of Veterans Affairs Heliport
0CT0SharonSharon Hospital Heliport
CT89SheltonITT Heliport
CT53SomersMountain View Heliport
5CT3South GlastonburySouth Glastonbury Heliport
CT62South WindsorTwin Manufacturing Company Heliport
CT00South WindsorElectro-Methods Inc Heliport
5CT8StamfordCanal Street Heliport
CT10SterlingFlat Rock Farm Heliport
KJSDStratfordSikorsky Heliport
05CTTorringtonO and G Heliport
CT76TrumbullChase Manhattan Bank of CT Heliport
0CT1WallingfordBristol-Myers Squibb Company Heliport
1CT3WaterburySt Mary's Heliport
CT04West HartfordChase Heliport
CT69WillimanticNasin Heliport
0CT2WillimanticWindham Hospital Heliport
CT35Windsor LocksHamilton Standard Heliport

The above list contains only private use heliports and may be incomplete.
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