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ID City Name
ID05AtholHackney Airpark
ID48AtholWestern Spur Airport
ID16BellevueSluder Airstrip
1ID4BoiseRed Baron Airpark
14IDBoisePeaceful Cove Airport
ID00CaldwellHubler Field Airport
63IDCaldwellHoskins Field Airport
ID77CambridgeCuddy Meadows Airport
ID74CascadeSulphur Creek Ranch Airport
ID35CascadeHigh Valley Swanson Airport
ID86CascadeDeadwood Dam Airstrip
ID44CascadeHidden Lakes Airport
02IDCascadeMorgan Ranch Airport
34IDCavendishFreeman Creek Airport
00IDClark ForkDelta Shores Airport
ID32Clark ForkTuka Airport
ID75Clark ForkRiverlake Airport
ID01Clark ForkCX Ranch Airport
ID78Clark ForkCX Ranch Airport Nr 2
ID33ClarkiaStocking Meadows Airport
ID43Coeur d'AleneCarlin Bay Airport
6ID1Coeur D'AleneRegan Ranch Airport
15IDCoeur D'AleneScanlon Airport
ID65Coeur d'AlenePisch's Place Airport
ID27Coeur d'AleneHawk Haven Airport
ID17CouncilSeven Devils Airport
03IDCouncilFlying Y Ranch Airport
ID28DixieMackay Bar Airport
44IDDonnellyBoulder Creek Airstrip
ID96DonnellyBear Air Airport
1ID7EdenFairbanks Airfield
9ID6Elk CityMallard Creek Ranch Airport
ID85Elk RiverElk River Airport
04IDEmmettLanham Field Airport
40IDFairfieldCamas Creek Ranch Airport
33IDFairfieldOzzy's Airport
0ID0FeathervilleSouth Fork Ranch Airport
23IDFeathervlleSouthfork Airport
0ID1FilerZiggy's Airport
2ID6FruitlandLemons Field Airport
ID62GraceSimpson Airport
66IDGrangevilleWind Ridge Airport
05IDGrangevilleRunning Creek Ranch Airport
37IDGrangevilleHungry Ridge Ranch Airport
0ID8GrangevillePinnacle Airport
ID97GreenleafHibbs Airport
ID21Hauser LakeSmith Ranch Airport
ID84HeadquartersCptpa Headquarters Airport
0ID9HelmerCorral Creek Airport
ID88Hill CityTracy Ranch Airport
ID09Hill CityS Bar Ranch Airport
ID63HomedaleRichards Airport
ID95Horseshoe BendLoomis Airport
ID67Horseshoe BendSands Airport
20IDIdaho CityHarrington Airport
ID87Idaho FallsRainbow Ranch Airport
1ID9InkomSkyline Airport
ID72IrwinHuskey Airport
79IDKooskiaClear Creek International Airport
41IDKunaBlack's Airfield
ID68KunaGreen Acres Airport
06IDKunaLarkin Airport
ID59Lake ForkFlying A Ranch Airport
01IDLava Hot SpringsLava Hot Springs Airport
95IDLewistonDeer Creek Airport
ID56MackayStar 's' Ranch Airport
2ID2MackayLinda's Roost Airport
ID40MarsingSunrise Skypark Airport
08IDMarsingSymms Airport
ID10MarsingWeitz Airport
0ID2MayFlying Joseph Ranch Airport
ID26MayfieldP and R Field Airport
2ID5McCallSplan Airport
77IDMeridianAshley Airport
17IDMidvaleCoyote Ridge Airport
09IDMoscowTaylor Ranch Landing Area Airport
ID60MoscowFountains Airport
0ID3Mountain HomeCoyote Run Airport
10IDMuldoonFlat Top Airstrip
ID04MurphyCanyon Airport
0ID7MurphyZ X Ranch Airport
ID79NampaSky Ranch South Airport
38IDNampaSky Ranch North Airport
07IDOldtownShepard Strip Airport
ID29OrofinoBig Island Airport
ID82PicaboPicabo Airport
22IDPlacervilleTreasure Gulch Airport
ID07Post FallsNichols Ranch Airport
96IDPriest RiverFlying H Ranch Airport
ID61Priest RiverValenov Ranch Airport
61IDPriest RiverFlying W Ranch Airport
45IDPriest RiverFox Creek Airport
ID12RiversideRussell W Anderson Strip Airport
ID24SagleTimber Basin Airpark Inc
12IDSalmonFlying B Ranch Landing Strip Airport
8ID8SalmonLewis and Clark Airstrip
26IDSandpointSeven Shamrock Airport
55IDSandpointSpear Valley Airport
ID19SandpointBird Nr 2 Airport
ID25SandpointOlmstead Sky Ranch Airport
68IDSandpointRapoport Ranch Airport
1ID3SandpointBeaux Ranch Field Airport
0ID4ShoshoneBlack Butte Ranch Airport
ID22Spirit LakeTreeport Airport
ID13St MariesSky Island Ranch Airport
13IDStanleySilva Ranch Airport
ID92StarFoster Field - Skydive Idaho Airport
ID11StitesSouthfork River Ranch Airport
2ID3TriangleJosephine Ranch Airport
ID94TroyFriendly Persuasion Farm Airport
3ID2WeippeThe Last Resort Airport
9ID0WeiserJenkins Creek Ranch Airport
ID23WorleyRock Creek Farm Airport
ID41Yellow PineStibnite Airport

The above list contains only private use airports and may be incomplete.
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