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ID City Name
IL01AbingdonWolford's Airport
7IS7AlhambraHammock Field Airport
0IL2AlmaGriffin Airport
IL07AmboyTaylor Airport
IL11AntiochDonald Alfred Gade Airport
50ILAntiochMidland Airport
IL28Apple RiverFoster Field Airport
IL12ArenzvilleKinsey RLA Airport
IL13ArlingtonFunfsinn Airport
79ILAshtonMiller Airport
IL94AtlantaHoblit Farms Airport
3IL9AtlantaSugar Creek Farm Airport
IL86BeardstownKrohe Airport
7IS2BellevilleAero Estates Airport
2IL7BellevilleBen Emge Airport
0LL0BelvidereKaufield Airport
IL36BelvidereBob Walberg Field Airport
IS83BelvidereUntied Acres Airport
IL34BelvidereHenderson Airport
1IS2BementTriple Creek Airport
4IL9BensonUnzicker Airport
86ILBethanySharp Airport
IL38Big RockJ Maddock Airport
60ILBiggsvilleBeulah Land Farm Airport
IL57BloomingtonCottonwood Airport
3IS3Blue MoundNoland Farms RLA Airport
1IS3Blue MoundCribbet Airport
3IS1Blue MoundMc Coy Airport
05ILBonfieldClassic Landings Airport
3IS8BradfordRinkenberger RLA Airport
60ISBrownsNelson Private Airport
IS86BuckinghamHendrix Airport
4IS9Bunker HillWeidner Airport
IL46BurnsideBrooks Ranch Airport
IL15BushnellRunyan Aviation Airport
92ILCairoHunter Raffety Elevators Inc Airport
56ILCaledoniaLee Creek Airport
IL51CampusAero Acres Airport
LL28CapronSD Aero Airport
09LLCapronPine Hill Airport
8IS1CarlinvilleNelson Airport
IL52CarthageWilliams Airport
IS51CarthageSchilson Field Airport
4IS1CarthagePlain Crazy Airport
5IS9CarthageMc Pherson Airport
88ILCerro GordoGaitros STOL Airport
IL56ChampaignMc Culley Airport
30LLChapinWilliams Airpark
11LLChenoaThacker Airport
IL63ChenoaMays Aviation Airport
IL81CliftonBerns Airport
33ILClintonJohn Scharff Airport
7IS3ClintonHooterville Airport
IL82ClintonMartin RLA Airport
IL84ColusaDouglas Airport
IL87ComptonW Davis Airport
2IS9CooksvilleSchertz Aerial Service - Cooksville Airport
40ILCornellAntique Aerodrome
IL91CornellTestoni Farms Airport
IL93CrestonHendrickson Flying Service Airport
IL95Custer ParkCorn Field Airport
9LL2CutlerHepp Airport
27ISDahlgrenGelfius International Airport
8IS5DanforthRaymond Classen Memorial Airport
IS88DanvilleMelody Field Airport
IL23DavisEllis Airport
IS80De KalbUncle Chuck's Airport
0IL9De KalbJack W Watson Airport
0IL8De KalbWalter Airport
IL80De LandFlying Illini Airport
0IS3Deer GroveCady Aerial RLA Airport
1IL6DixonBally's Strip Airport
6IL5DongolaKeil Airport
IS52DonovanRussell Airport
01ISDowWilliam E Koenig Airport
LL22Downers GroveBrookeridge Air Park
IS13DudleyBussart Airport
IL72DunlapSisk RLA Airport
47ISDurandFlying Z Ranch Airport
2IL1DurandMc Cartney Airport
61ISDwightJim & Peg Airport
08LLDwightSauer Airport
2IL2DwightWatters Airport
IL99EarlvilleB & C Airport
IL55EarlvilleYounglove/Otterbach Airport
06ILEarlvilleHumm Airport
9LL5EdinburgTommy's Airpark
IL05EffinghamShumway Innernational Airport
1IL0El PasoBarnstorm Field Airport
74ILEl PasoCorn Alley 2 Airport
2IS3ElmiraJackson Field Airport
3IL2ElwoodSweedler Airport
LL13EnfieldStorey Real Estate Airport
IS15EsmondVodden Airport
5IS3EvansvilleRiverveiw Airport
26ISFairburyFicklin-Airtech Airport
4IL2FairburyWayne Ziller Jr Airport
57ISFairfieldDozier Airport
IS26Farmer CityNiklaus RLA Airport
70ILFarmersvilleMurphy Farms Airport
35ISFindlayEnoch Airport
62ISFithianWilson Airport
LL40FrankfortFrankfort Airport
15ILFranklin GroveGittleson Farms Airport
22ILGalenaHeller Airport
30ISGenoaAero Lake Estates Airport
IL60GenoaIdlas RLA Airport
9IS2Gibson CitySchertz Field Airport
6IL6GilbertsReid RLA Airport
7IS5GilbertsKoppie Airport
LL45GillespieLindell Loveless Airport
16ISGorevilleKellums Airport
55ISGrandviewGlatthaar Airport
7IL0Grant ParkMussman Airport
7IL3GreenvalleyLutz RLA Airport
51ISGriggsvilleCurry Airport
39LLHamiltonSullivan Airport
IL32HammondAdkisson Airport
68ISHampshireCasa de Aero Park Airport
7IL7HampshireEdward Getzelman Airport
3IS4HanoverMerkle Airport
7IL8HardingCody Port RLA Airport
8IL2HarvardKirkpatrick Airport
8IL1HarvardTwin Gardens Airport
8IL0HarvardAdkins RLA Airport
4IS5HeckerSmith RLA Airport
9IL0HenryVilliger RLA Airport
9IS9HeyworthJohnston Airport
1LL5HillsboroJustison Airport
9IL7HillsdaleBlack Airport
79ISHillviewHartwell Ranch RLA Airport
6IS8HomerTrisler Airport
04ILHudsonSchertz Aerial Service - Hudson Airport
82ISHuntleyLandings Condominium Airport
6IL2HuntleyPhyllis Field Airport
IL71HurstDury Estates Airport
2IS4Illinois CityRitter Field Airport
1IL1IrvingHorsefeathers Ranch Airport
83ISIrvingtonPrairie Airport
0LL1JerseyvilleJerseyville Aviation Inc Airport
0LL3JerseyvilleKoenig Airport
LL49JerseyvilleRaymond RLA Airport
LL77KampsvilleHerrens Bess Hollow Airfield
IL85KanevilleOakfield RLA Airport
IL78KankakeeBenoit Airport
12ILKankakeeHawker Airport
IL39KansasPerry RLA Airport
32ISKilbourneBaker Airport
00ISKingsHayenga's Cant Find Farms Airport
16ILKirklandHarold Bunger Airport
IS59KirklandRotstein Airport
IS55La HarpeMorton Airport
35ILLa MoilleClarion Field Airport
0LL4La SalleFlaherty Field Airport
5IS4Lake CityCorman Acres Airport
1IS4LanarkSwan Valley Farm Airport
6IL4LanarkFoxfield Aerodrome
IL27LaneSugar Hollow RLA Airport
IL16LawrencevilleKlein-O'Neal Airport
IS34LawrencevillePiper's Landing Airport
48LLLeaf RiverRock Cut Farms Airport
26ILLeaf RiverDuane E Davis Airport
28ILLeaf RiverWest Grove Airport
96ILLenaKramer Airport
2IS6LenaRed Shed Field Airport
34ILLewistownG Bray Airport
48ISLexingtonP J Killian Airport
37ILLincolnMinder Airport
IL64LincolnMartin Airport
2LL3LincolnMiller RLA Airport
2IS7LindenwoodSomers Blossom Airport
IL65Little YorkM.A.M. Trail Airport
IS00LowpointJay Schertz Farm Airport
9IL6MackinawWeishaupt Airport
LL27MacombBlythe Airport
IL45ManitoPalmer Flying Service Inc Airport
04ISMansfieldVan Gorder Airport
19LLMantenoNeiner Airport
55ILMantenoBrandt Airport
58ILMantenoSpangler Airport
LL24MantenoSunset Acres Airport
59ILMaple ParkRuder Airport
IS57MarengoWind Rose Farm Airport
62ILMarengoFerris Field Airport
66ILMarengoAerogrange Airport
64ILMarengoWalpole Airport
37ISMarengoHilbert Airport
63ILMarengoEmerick Airport
3LL1MarissaHerschel Hunter Airport
69ILMarseillesDavid Gillespie Airport
67ILMarseillesMitchell RLA Airport
3LL3MarshallKibler Airport
5IL5MazonHope Field Airport
IL97MazonHarford Airport
1IL9Mc LeanHolland Field Airport
3LL8Mc LeansboroMc Leansboro Airport
IL22MendotaGrandpa's Farm Mendota Airport
81LLMendotaOtterbach Farm Airport
68ILMilfordStichnoth RLA Airport
1IL4MillstadtFlight Park Inc Airport
81ILMinierIllinois Valley Parachute Club Airport
83ILMinonkOltman-Shuck Airport
4IS6MinonkHattan Farms Airport
87ILMinookaBushby RLA Airport
84ILMinookaRossi's Farm Airport
37LLModocDale Curten Farm Airport
90ILMomenceJohnson Airport
2IL9MoneeMeadow Creek Airport
03ILMoneeWix Airport
1LL4MonticelloNorfleet Airport
LL39MorrisCuranda Airport
IL68MorrisNettle Creek Landings Airport
4IL5MorrisonFrank's Flying Service Airport
4LL9MorrisonvilleAlan B Janssen Airport
5LL0Mount CarmelBeckerman Field Airport
LL07Mount CarrollTautz Airport
5LL1MoweaquaHilvety Airport
5LL2MoweaquaKroenlein Airport
LL09MundeleinAir Estates Inc Airport
5LL3MurdockMayhall Airport
4IL8MurphysboroRendleman Airport
IL29MurrayvilleYates RLA Airport
LL10NapervilleNaper Aero Club Airport
9IS0NauvooCedar Ridge Airport
06ISNauvooSinele Strip Airport
38ISNauvooWinchester Airport
6LL1NeogaCumberland Air Park RLA Airport
6LL0NeogaWilliamson Airport
83LLNew AthensLindauer Airport
LL26New AthensSchaller Airport
6LL4New AthensWildy Field Airport
3LL6New AthensBickel Airport
IL24New BerlinRichardson Airport
6LL5New BerlinSmith RLA Airport
69LLNew BostonMaas Airstrip
6LL6New MemphisFischer's RLA Airport
IS41NewarkVogen RLA Airport
7LL3NewtonJasper County Flying Club Airport
6IL7NokomisKleinik RLA Airport
8LL0Old RipleyNance Airport
2IL5OmahaSutton Airport
LL23OquawkaMeyer Airport
LL54Paw PawDunn Airport
3IS5PawneeHolmes Southeast Airport
LL32PaxtonC D Maulding Airport
9LL0PaysonKrutmeier Airport
88LLPearl CityBlock Airport
IS78PecatonicaEarly - Merkel Field Airport
IS19PecatonicaCarlson RLA Airport
8IL5PecatonicaO'Connor Field Airport
2IL4PerryMountain Airport
LL43PeruGerald H Hamer Airport
89ILPesotumDean Schwenk RLA Airport
24LLPinckneyvilleLambert Airport
5IL2PinckneyvillePanther Field Airport
LL46Piper CityRead Airport
LL51PlainfieldRiley's Field Airport
LL53Plato CenterOlson Airport
23ISPlymouthClark Airport
3LL9PocahontasCompton Airport
00ILPoloHammer Airport
LL55PoloGentry Airport
71LLPontiacRiverode Farms Airport
LL56PontiacSchott Airport
70LLPontiacAdams RLA Number 1 Airport
2LL7PontiacAdams RLA Number 2 Airport
IS66PontoosucRhea RLA Airport
72LLPrincetonFoley Airport
LL64PutnamRalph E Daniels Airport
88ISQuincyBlickhan Landing Area Airport
IS24RamseyHarris Airport
91LSRed BudDuclos RLA Airport
91ISRivertonStanton Airport
86ISRoanokeMichael Pfister Airport
LL74RochelleMaple Hurst Farms Airport
IS93Rock CitySue Rock International Airport
LL91Rock CityHillman Airport
LL81RockfordLatham Park Aero Estates Airport
LL79RockfordSeverson Airport
LL78RockfordLZ Fairwinds Airport
LL80RockfordDarrington Airport
LL87RocktonCompass Rose Airport
LL89RocktonBlackhawk Farms Raceway LLC Airport
LL90Rockton/BelvidereMc Curdy Strip Airport
95ILRosiclareHenderson Airport
94ISRoyaltonAdams Private Airport
IS65SandwichWoodlake Landing Airport
0LL6SandwichGord Airport
1LL2SenecaSpring Brook Airport
7IL9SerenaFriends Field Airport
4IS7SeymourLitchfield RLA Airport
2IL0ShannonSneek Airport
1LL7SheffieldEdwin G Bennett Airport
1LL8SheldonZoomer Field Airport
2LL1SheridanCwian Field Airport
2LL2SherrardWeihler Airport
80ILShirlandLoeppert CPL Aero Airport
96ISSidellHildreth Air Park
49ILSomonaukWalnut Creek Airport
2LL9SomonaukGeorge Airport
3LL0South BeloitMiller Airport
4IS8SparlandLeigh Farm Airport
3LL4Spring GrovePillow Hill Airport
3LL5Spring GroveRichardson Field Airport
4IL4St ElmoKuebler RLA Airport
0LL5St JosephBusboom RLA Airport
9IL2St JosephRouth Airport
IS33StauntonWillhoit Airport
LL38SterlingStutzke Airport
4LL1StewardStaton Airport
4LL0StewardRanken Airport
9IL4StewardHep Cats Airport
IL53StewardDurin RLA Airport
4IL3Stillman Valley (Byron)Thrifty Acres Airport
IS37StocktonStockton Airport
99ILStocktonProvidence Place Field Airport
IS54StoningtonMc Christy Airport
54ILStreatorRothrock Airport
LL52StreatorWilts Airport
85ILSullivanDurbin Airport
IS08SummumCurless Airport
4LL8SycamoreColonial Acres Airport
4LL7SycamoreWilladae Farms Airport
IL54Table GroveRichmond Airport
08ILTampicoHarms Airstrip
56ISThomasboroLiannimal's Landing Airport
IS56TimewellHerren Airport
15LLTiskilwaCloverleaf Ranch Airport
53ILTiskilwaSteil RLA Airport
5LL5TrivoliGordon Brown Airport
55LLUnionSky Soaring Airport
5LL7UnionHilbert's Funny Farm Airport
5LL8Union HillHugh van Voorst Airport
6IS0UrbanaDay Aero-Place Airport
27LLValmeyerSullivan Field Airport
6LL2ViolaYoung Airport
25ILVirdenHolzwarth Flying Service Airport
6IL9WalnutGeldean Airport
5IL8WalnutWoodley 2 Airport
IL76WalnutWilt RLA Airport
IL83WalnutFisch RLA Airport
LL34WapellaThorp Airport
95ISWarsawJan Knipe Airport
56LLWatermanWade Airport
6LL8WatsekaSongwood Inn Airport
98LLWatsekaBraden Farms Airport
IS02WatsekaDietchweiler Airport
3IS7WenonaFoote Airport
7LL7West BrooklynDelhotal Airport
7LL6West BrooklynGehant Airport
8IL3West BrooklynButler Hill RLA Airport
28LLWesterveltWilliamson Airport
3LS7WilliamsvilleBock Farms Airport
20ISWinslowMitek Airport
IS77WittHoehn RLA Airport
12LLWolf LakeLambdins Field Airport
8LL1WoodstockHunter Airport
75LLWyomingHausmann Airport
IL02ZionHerbert C Maas Airport

The above list contains only private use airports and may be incomplete.
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