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ID City Name
45KYAlbanyMedical Center Albany Heliport
7KY6AlbanyGrider Hilldock - Dillon Heliport
90KYAshcampMother Nature Spring Water Heliport
4KY9AshlandKing's Daughters Medical Center Heliport
7KY5BarbourvilleBarbourville ARH Heliport
5KY1BardstownFlaget Memorial Hospital Heliport
9KY7BedfordMilton Fire Rescue Heliport
18KYBentonMarshall County Hospital Heliport
5KY3BereaSaint Joseph Berea Heliport
2KY6Bowling GreenThe Medical Center at Bowling Green Heliport
24KYBowling GreenAE-62 Heliport
8KY1Bowling GreenGreenview Hospital Heliport
8KY4BurkesvilleCumberland County Hospital Heliport
9KY8CadizTrigg Co Hospital Heliport
2KY7CampbellsvilleTaylor Regional Hospital Heliport
7KY1CarlisleNicholas County Hospital Heliport
3KY5CarrolltonCarroll County Hospital Heliport
9KY0Clay CityClay City Volunteer Fire Department Heliport
48KYColumbiaWestlake Regional Hospital Heliport
98KYCorbinBaptist Health Corbin Heliport
3KY8CovingtonFidelity Heliport
1KY9CumberlandARH Tri City Clinic Heliport
63KYCynthianaHarrison Memorial Hospital Heliport
1KT8DanvilleEphraim McDowell Regional Medical Center Heliport
32KYEdgewoodSt Elizabeth Medical Center South Heliport
1KY1ElizabethtownHardin Memorial Hospital Heliport
83KYErlangerWorks Heliport
0JY9FlemingsburgFleming County Hospital Heliport
46KYFort ThomasSt Elizabeth-Ft Thomas Hospital Heliport
02KYFrankfortBoone National Guard Heliport
15KYFrankfortFrankfort Regional Medical Center Heliport
81KYFranklinThe Medical Center at Franklin Heliport
8KY8FultonParkway Regional Hospital Heliport
7KY8GlasgowTJ Samson Hospital Heliport
2KY0GreensburgJane Todd Crawford Hospital Heliport
47KYHardinsburgB M H Heliport
9KY2HardinsburgAE-92 Heliport
6KY0HarlanHarlan Hospital Heliport
1KY6HarrodsburgHaggin Heliport
9JY9HazardHazard Arh Heliport
1KY2HendersonCommunity Methodist Hospital Heliport
87KYHighland HeightsMidwest Communication Heliport
4KY6HopkinsvilleJennie Stuart Medical Center Heliport
0KY6Horse CaveThe Medical Center at Caverna Heliport
9KY1HydenMary Breckenridge Arh Heliport
5JY9InezAir Evac 116 Heliport
8KY5JacksonKentucky River Medical Center Heliport
0KY4JamestownRussell County Ambulance Service Heliport
6KY8JenkinsGateway Industrial Park Heliport
2KY9La GrangeBaptist Health La Grange Heliport
91KYLancasterGarrard County EMA Heliport
6KY1LebanonSpring View Hospital Heliport
56KYLeitchfieldTwin Lakes Regional Medical Center Heliport
82CDLexingtonCreech Heliport
37KYLexingtonUk Hospital Heliport
49KYLexingtonMorning Star Heliport
1KY4LexingtonBaptist Health Lexington Heliport
88KYLexingtonSaint Joseph Hospital Heliport
27KYLexingtonClear Lake Heliport
93KYLexingtonUK Patient Care Heliport
8KY2LexingtonLRFO Heliport
62LSLibertyCasey County Hospital Heliport
5KY9LondonSt Joseph - London Heliport
26KYLouisvilleUniversity Hospital Heliport
22KYLouisvilleChurchill Downs Heliport
09KYLouisvilleBaptist Hospital East Heliport
97KYLouisvilleGreener Horizons Heliport
41KYLouisvilleJewish Hospital Heliport
10KYLouisvilleSouthwest Government Center Heliport
1KY8LouisvilleNorton Audubon Hospital Heliport
43KYLouisvilleWLKY-TV Studios Heliport
11KYLouisvilleSouthwest Hospital Heliport
9KY5LouisvilleNorton Brownsboro Hospital Heliport
9KT0LouisvilleNorton Children's Hospital Heliport
8KT1LouisvillePapa John's Headquarters Heliport
40NKLouisvilleCentral Government Center Heliport
60KYMadisonvilleBaptist Health-Madisonville Heliport
4KY2ManchesterManchester Memorial Hospital Heliport
15KTManchesterAE109 Heliport
7KY9MarionCrittenden County Hospital Heliport
8KY9MaysvilleMeadowview Regional Medical Center Heliport
65KYMiddlesboroArh Heliport
9KY6MiddlesboroAirevac 33 Heliport
30KYMonticelloWayne County Hospital Heliport
02KTMoreheadSt Claire Healthcare Heliport
08KTMorganfieldMethodist Hospital Union County Heliport
9KY3Mount SterlingMontgomery County Fire Heliport
1KY5Mount VernonRockcastle Hospital Inc Heliport
7KY0MurrayMurray Calloway County Hospital Heliport
5KY0NicholasvilleSaint Joseph Jessamine Heliport
01KYPaducahLourdes Hospital Heliport
25KYPaducahWestern Baptist Hospital Heliport
0KY9ParisBourbon Community Hospital Heliport
8JY8ParisAugustus Hill Heliport
62KYPikevillePikeville Medical Center Heliport
7KY2PinevillePineville Community Hospital Heliport
50KTPrestonsburgHighlands Regional Medical Center Heliport
6KY5PrincetonCaldwell County Hospital Heliport
1KY0RichmondSof Maintenance Site Heliport
6KY9RussellOur Lady of Bellefonte Hospital Heliport
7JY7Russell SpringsRussell Springs County Hospital Heliport
2KY2SalemLivingston Hospital Heliport
39KYSomersetLake Cumberland Regional Hospital Heliport
3KY6South WilliamsonWilliamson ARH Hospital Heliport
10KTSpartaKentucky Speedway- Medical Heliport
8KY7StanfordFort Logan Hospital Heliport
1KY3TompkinsvilleMonroe County Medical Center Heliport
16KYWaltonUCMC Air Care Walton Heliport
51KYWhitesburgAppalachian Regional Hospital Heliport
38KYWilliamstownSt Elizabeth Healthcare-Grant County Heliport
06KYWilliamstownAir Evac 133 Heliport

The above list contains only private use heliports and may be incomplete.
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