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ID City Name
2MI5AdaSomerville Airport
MI30AlbaAir Park North
38MIAlleganChicora Field Airport
MI55AlpenaSilver City Airpark
MI01AvocaFasel Field Airport
MI67BaileyTyrone Airport
MI68BarodaBaroda Airport
47MIBay CityKenneth Hayward Airport
MI56BeldingBoulder Canyon Airport
71MIBellevilleJohnston Airport
MI23BridgeportMcKimmy Field Airport
MI25BridgmanMyers Airport
54MIBryonPingston Aeroworks Airport
30MIBuchananWolverton's Field Airport
MI72BuchananNelson Airport
6MI6BuchananHancock Airport
MI88BurnipsBakers Field Airport
MI95CassopolisTaylors Flight Park
28MICedarMiller-Herrold Airport
5MI1Cedar SpringsWilds Field Airport
77MICedar SpringsDoren Field Airport
MI11CharlotteCrippen Field Airport
79MIChassellPike River Landing Airport
8MI9ChelseaWinters Field Airport
2MI0ChesaningWoodside Airport
99MIClareDenton Farms Airport
MI05ClioCrompton's Private Strip Airport
7MI7CooperWalker Airport
4MI8CroswellDarrell's Landing Airport
39MICrystal FallsHuber Airport
MI19CusterThorn Airport
12MIDavisonJohn's Airport
92MIDewittZischke Airport
MI10DewittHoerners Corners Airport
14MIDuttonEast-West Paris Airport
MI24East JordanDeer Lake Airpark
04MIEaton RapidsRapids Airway Airport
MI15Fair HavenWards Long Acres Airport
4MI7FarwellWitbeck Aerodrone Airport
MI76FennvilleReading Airport
9MI6FentonTrollman's Field Airport
MI60Fife LakeTannehill Airfield
MI18FlushingCedarville Airport
16MIGainesBarnstormers 5 Airport
43MIGladstoneWest Gladstone Airport
MI78GrandvilleWeller Airport
6MI0GraylingKing Trout Airport
MI80GreenvilleWabasis Lake Airport
02MIGreenvilleFairplains Airpark
0MI4GwinnLesterson-Dempsey Airstrip
1MI4HemlockErnie's Field Airport
5MI8HoltLakeside Airport
1MI5HowellMcKenzie's Landing Airport
MI27HowellHaigh Airport
1MI8HubbardVlachos Acres Airport
MI82HudsonvilleHarry's Field Airport
MI39HudsonvilleMitch Veenstra Airport
0MI6HulbertYoung's Airport
MI12IdaRado's Crossing Airport
MI92Iron MountainLilienthal Airport
5MI7JacksonWilliams Field Airport
66MIKalamazooEast Lake Airport
07MILakeScott Airstrip
3MI0Lake GeorgeDoss Field Airport
MI31LawtonCornish Field Airport
MI35LitchfieldClaucherty Airport
26MILowellVan Strien Company Airport
95MILutherEvad Enterprises LLC Airport
MI70MaconCarl's Airport
67MIMarcellusKeenum Airport
MI37Marine CityWenning Landing Area Airport
1MI9MarquetteSouthfork Airport
29MIMasonSawyer Field Airport
MI38MasonEichmeier Field Airport
8MI3MattawanMattawan Airpark
60MIMaybeeMaybee Airport
MI71MearsSilver Lake Airport
2MI9MecostaCapen Airport
MI09MilanMilan Airport
1MI6MilanTrudeau Airport
6MI1MillingtonJensen Field Airport
9MI5MillingtonGrass Roots Airport
MI44Mount PleasantD J Airport
44MIMullikenAirbatco Field Airport
MI53NewportMills Field Airport
9MI2NewportNewport Woods Airport
MI22NilesCrump Airport
MI86North MuskegonMidget Airport
3MI2NorthportSouth Fox Island Airport
7MI6OakleyWightman Airport
1MI3OnawayBlack River Ranch Airport
3MI7OrtonvilleWillie Run Airport
MI45OrtonvilleEd Schulte's Place Airport
37MIOxfordHandleman Sky Ranch Airport
MI26Parkers CornersCloud Nine East Airport
MI47PerryDysinger Airport
4MI1PetersburgAir Rahe Airport
MI48PetersburgHam-A-Lot Field Airport
7MI5PetersburgLada Airport
49MIPosenCub Landing Center Airport
MI33RichmondAdair Airstrip
MI99RichmondRobertson Field Airport
75MIRileyNorton Field Airport
7MI2SawyerSouthwest Lakes Airpark
MI89SchoolcraftPerry Airport
4MI4SchoolcraftWhitcomb Field Airport
MI13SheridanMinikey Airport
78MISouth RockwoodCarls Airport
34MISpring LakeDe Witt Property Airport
MI41St ClairCrystal Airport
82MISt JohnsRandolph's Landing Area Airport
MI28St JohnsArcher Memorial Field Airport
8MI7SteubenBass Lake Airport
MI58SunfieldStony Acres Airport
23MIThompsonvilleBetsie River Airstrip
4MI6Three OaksBenedick Airport
2MI8VassarVassar Field Airport
27MIVassarMiller Field Airport
7MI8VassarLetts Field Airport
35MIVermontvilleLaw Field Airport
7MI3VicksburgThrall Lake Airport
72MIWatersmeetNorthwoods Airport
46MIWebbervilleCloud Nine West Airport
MI29Whitmore LakeGooding Airport
86MIWillisDownwind Acres Airport
85MIZeelandDewind Field Airport
6MI7ZeelandJ P's Field Airport
6MI3ZeelandCurt's Place Airport

The above list contains only private use airports and may be incomplete.
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