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ID City Name
MN01AdaHammars Farm Airport
MY35AftonWalker Field Airport
1MN2AkeleyHay Acres Airport
2MY2AmboyZarn Airport
MN06AngusPulkrabek Landing Field Airport
7MN6ArgyleJohnson Airport
67MNAtwaterPagel's Field Airport
68MNAtwaterStanton Hill Aerodrome
5MN2BagleyHoiland Field Airport
9MN3BarnesvilleBarnesville Municipal Airport
94MNBarnesvilleAg Spray Inc Airport
9MN5BarnesvilleJanssen Airport
00MNBattle LakeBattle Lake Municipal Airport
MN98BelviewDonner Airport
MN13BemidjiMoberg Air Base Airport
MY54BemidjiCloverleaf-East Bemidji Airport
98MNBemidjiUp Yonder Airport
MN11BensonLorenz Airport
40MNBingham LakeTurner Field Airport
2MN4Blue EarthCornfield Canyon Airport
MN18BrainerdBarrett Airport
MN17BrainerdJackson Field Airport
69MNBreckenridgeYaggie Private Airport
8MN3Breezy PointBreezy Point Airport
55MNBuckmanBritz Airport
9MN1CambridgeTroll Farm Airport
02MNCambridgeGregory Airport
MY80CeylonRosenberg Airport
66MNClara CityHoward's Airport
2MY4Clear LakeMiller Airport
MY94CloquetCountry Haven Airport
MY52CoatesTurkey Track Airport
42MNCorcoranKral's Personal Use Landing Field Airport
MN28CosmosLux Strip Airport
MY95CrownSwanson Field Airport
MN19DelanoBrandt Airport
7MY9DexterPetes Airport
MN08Eagle LakeEagles Nest Aerodrome
2MN0East Grand ForksPribbs Field Airport
MN81East Grand ForksJ J and T Airport
MN40Elk RiverMeadowvale Airport
MN15ElkoSmith Field Airport
75MNElysianGaller's Airport
MN42ErskineOak Lake Air Strip Airport
76MNErskineHemmingsen Airport
MY59EuclidGasper Airport
MY37EyotaEyota Airport
69MYFarmingtonHall Airport
MN45FarmingtonJennrich Field Airport
MY97FarmingtonNielsen's Airport
MY50FrontenacFrontenac Airport
MN44GarfieldAngen Field Airport
7MN4GarrisonMille Lacs Lake Airport
79MNGatzkePaul Field Airport
78MNGatzkeHagens Airport
77MNGatzkeKlamar Field Airport
MN50GatzkeArthur Field Airport
MN71GlenwoodBakko Aviation Airport
2MN1GluekWinter Strip Airport
6MN7GoodhueSodbuster Strip Airport
4MN5GracevilleKapaun-Wilson Field Airport
MN00HackensackWebb Lake Airport
26MNHalstadChristianson Field Airport
8MN2HalstadAslesen Airport
MN87Ham LakeCooks Landing Airport
MN58HastingsSky Meadow Airport
49MNHastingsWillow Ridge Airport
MN55HastingsSandy Flats Airport
MY99HawleyJohnston Airport
MY56HibbingRobertson Field Airport
MN52HibbingGospel Ranch Airport
MN57HinckleyBush Field Airport
33MNHinkleyZenith Landing Airport
MY57HoldingfordFedor Airport
MN62HutchinsonQuast Airport
MN36HutchinsonJ W Field Airport
35MNInver Grove HeightsWipline Airport
MY72IsleIsle Airport
4MN4IvanhoeMulder Field Inc Airport
2MN2JacobsonDreamcatcher Airport
81MNJeffersEwen Landing Field Airport
MN63JordanStocker Airport
9MN6JordanMerill L Harris Field Airport
04MNKelliherHelblad Airport
52MNKennedyAnderson Field Airport
27MNLake BronsonLake Bronson Airport
MY29Lake ParkKaiser's Airstrip
03MNLakefieldNauerth Land Ranch Airport
MN12LaporteRobco Airport
5MN5LindstromBarnes Airport
MN24Lino LakesSurfside Airport
MY18Lino LakesLino Air Park
MN31LitchfieldL & M Aerodrome
MN23LittleforkWest Wind Airport
MN66LorettoIngleside Airport
MN67LydiaSky Park Airport
93MNMankatoHoppe Sky Ranch Airport
MN69Maple PlainMaple Airport
6MN8MedfordUnderland Airstrip
5MN9Middle RiverChanlin Field Airport
MN74Minnesota LakeB & D Flyers International Airport
MN49MontgomeryTuma Airport
MN77MoorheadJerger's Field Airport
56MNMortonLothert's Farm Strip Airport
18MNMotleyHines Farm Airport
5MN1NaryNary National Airport-Shefland Field
36MNNew TrierBackstrom Airport
4MN1New York MillsHintzman Airport
MY46NicolletHay Shakers Airport
MY90North BranchAl's Due North Airport
MN46North MankatoMichels Farms Airport
2MN7North PrairieFussy Airport
47MNNorwoodSons Private-Commercial Airport
MY66OnamiaNorth Star Ranch Airport
MN32OronocoNietz Airstrip
3MN9OsterSchumacher Airport
MN86Park RapidsSky Manor Aero Estates Airport
MN89PerhamAerovilla Airport
MY15PierzKastanek Airport
85MNPlainviewChristison Airport
6MN0PonsfordSky Blue Airfield
23MNPrestonHigh Grove Airport
MN68PrincetonPfau Airstrip
MN91PrincetonReynolds Field Airport
MN47PrincetonCameron's Airport
8MN6PrincetonMinske Field Airport
90MNPrincetonBishman Airport
MN92ProctorLennartson Airport
2MN8RochesterMed-City Aviation Airport
87MNRooseveltErickson Airport
59MNRooseveltCox-Coyour Memorial Field Airport
3MN7SabinBlue Sky Airport
43MNSaginawSuperior Aero Estates Airport
60MNSeaforthFuhr Flying Service Airport
MN88SearlesLandeplatz Airport
MN41Silver LakeTimmers Landing Field Airport
MY10Spring GroveDeters Farms Airport
7MN3Spring ValleyCaldbeck Field Airport
2MN6St CharlesVan Norman's Airport
62MNTaylors FallsTaylors Falls Airport
1MN0TenneyWetherbee Farm Airport
7MN8Thief River FallsWillis Airport
29MNTintahWetenkamp Airport
MY12TroskyDykstra Acreage Airport
MY00TrumanSieg's Farm Airport
63MNTwo HarborsWeideman International Airport
8MN4VestaLightfoot Farms Airport
1MN5WaconiaMolnau Airpark
MY01WarrenRoan Airport
15MNWatkinsTyler Farms Airport
32MNWatkinsDon's Landing Field Airport
1MN8WebsterSky Harbor Residential Airpark
28MNWelchRiver Ridge Ranch Airport
92MNWendellBrutlag Farms Airport
1MY1WendellCarlson Ag Airport
65MNWendellRicks Field Airport
3MN4WestbrookRolling Hills Airport
MY68WheatonJohnsons Aero Repair Airport
6MN9White Bear TownshipBenson Airport
MY07WolvertonNord Field Airport

The above list contains only private use airports and may be incomplete.
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