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ID City Name
MU36BagnelEagle's Roost Heliport
MU61BeltonBelton Regional Medical Center Heliport
MU95BlackjackFirst Precinct Police Heliport
MU01Blue EyeDogwood Canyon Heliport
MO28Blue SpringsBlue Springs Heliport
76MOBolivarCitizens Memorial Hospital Heliport
99MOBonne TerreParkland Health Center Heliport
MO38BransonTable Rock Heliport
5MO0BransonSkaggs Community Hospital Heliport
20MOBranson WestLife Line Base 1 Heliport
MO92BridgetonSSM Health Depaul Hospital-St Louis Heliport
MU54BrookfieldGeneral John J Pershing Memorial Hospital Heliport
81MOButlerBates County Hospital Heliport
MU47CairoNemo Coal Co Heliport
48MOCaliforniaLions Emergency Evac Heliport
82MOCameronCameron Regional Medical Center Heliport
MU10Cape GirardeauSoutheast Health Heliport
MO50Cape GirardeauSt Francis Medical Center Heliport
MU28CassvilleMercy Health Cassville Heliport
MO19CentertownAmerican Legion-Village of Centertown Heliport
MO12ChesterfieldSt Lukes Hospital West Heliport
90MOClintonGolden Valley Memorial Hospital Heliport
MU96ColumbiaRefueling Pad
91MOColumbiaBoone Hospital Center Heliport
MU37ColumbiaUniversity Hospitals & Clinics Heliport
MO88ColumbiaColumbia Regional Hospital Heliport
58MOCrystal CityMercy Hospital Jefferson Heliport
68MODexterSoutheast Health Center of Stoddard County Heliport
5MO4EllingtonSoutheast Health of Reynolds County Heliport
92MOEurekaFox Run Heliport
60MOFarmingtonParkland Health Center Heliport
0MO9FergusonEmerson Heliport
0MU2FlorissantChristian Hospital Northeast Heliport
MU15FredericktownMadison Medical Center Heliport
MU94GalmeyGalmey Heliport
34MOHannibalCyanamid-Hannibal Heliport
0MU3HannibalHannibal Regional Hospital Heliport
59MOHermannHermann Area Hospital Heliport
0MU6HigginsvilleBradbury-Rolf Memorial Heliport
0MU5HoldenHolden Heliport
MU44HoustonTexas County Memorial Hospital Heliport
MU49HuntsvilleRiley Brancus Ranch Heliport
2MO3IndependenceIndependence Regional Health Center Heliport
MU64Jefferson CityCapital Region Medical Center Heliport
MU75Jefferson CitySSM Health St Mary's Heliport
63MOJoplinMercy Hospital-Joplin Heliport
MU67Kansas CityDST Heliport
72MUKansas CityExecutive Hills Polo Club Heliport
5MO5Kansas CitySt Lukes Hospital Heliport
MU58Kansas CityVA Medical Center Heliport
MO63Kansas CitySt Luke's Northland Hospital Heliport
3MO3Kansas CityResearch Medical Center Heliport
19MOKansas CityNorth Patrol Div Station Heliport
75MOKansas CityChildrens Mercy Hospital Heliport
3MO1Kansas CityPolice Dept Helicopter Maint Facility Heliport
MO69Kansas CityBaptist Medical Center Heliport
MO05Kansas CityTruman Medical Center West Heliport
0MO4Kansas CityBert Walter Berkowitz Heliport
7MO0Kansas CityTruman Medical Center East Heliport
MO21Kansas CitySt Joseph Medical Center Heliport
MU53KennettTwin Rivers Regional Medical Center Heliport
MU92KirksvilleNortheast Regional Medical Center Heliport
1MO1KirkwoodSt Joseph Hospital Heliport
MO02Lake OzarkLake Ozark Helicopters Heliport
0MO7Lake Saint LouisSSM Health St Joseph Hospital-Lake St. Louis Heliport
46MOLebanonMercy Hospital-Lebanon Heliport
MU90Lee's SummitFalcon Heliport
MU08Lee's SummitLee's Summit Heliport
MO59Lee's SummitLee's Summit Medical Center Heliport
MO03LestervilleAmeren Taum Sauk Heliport
8MO2LibertyLiberty Hospital Heliport
8MO6LouisianaPike County Memorial Hospital Heliport
75MUMarcelinePershing Regional Health Center -Marceline Heliport
9MO2MarshallFitzgibbon Hospital Heliport
MO70MaryvilleSt Francis Hospital Heliport
MO47MexicoAir Ambulance Heliport
MU50MoberlyRiley House Heliport
10MUNeoshoFreeman Neosho Hospital Heliport
MO20NevadaNevada Regional Medical Center Heliport
5MO8NorborneDouble E Heliport
83MONorth Kansas CityNorth Kansas City Hospital Heliport
MU30O'FallonBJC Healthcare Heliport
MU91Osage BeachLake Regional Health System Heliport
22MOOsceolaScout Nest Heliport
9MO8OwensvilleOwensville Ambulance District Heliport
6MO5PerryvillePerry County Memorial Hospital Heliport
MU29Poplar BluffThree Rivers Healthcare Hospital Heliport
MU79PortagevilleDelta Center Heliport #1
MU76PortagevilleFisher Delta Research Center Lee Farm Heliport
MU17RichmondRay County Memorial Hospital Heliport
85MORogersvilleRogersville Remote Fuel Site Heliport
47MORollaPhelps County Regional Medical Center Heliport
1MU9Saint CharlesNielsens Med Evac Heliport
2MU1Saint LouisSaint Louis Children's Hospital Heliport
MO76Saint RobertLife Line Heliport 2
MO40SalemSalem Memorial Hospital Heliport
86MOSedaliaBothwell Regional Health Center Heliport
MU45SikestonMissouri Delta Medical Center Heliport
57MOSikestonFabick Two Heliport
81MUSpringfieldMercy Hospital-Springfield Heliport
MU59SpringfieldLester E Cox Medical Center North Heliport
56MUSpringfieldLester E Cox Medical Center South Heliport
MU39SpringfieldVan's Heliport
MO44St CharlesSSM Health St. Joseph Hospital-St. Charles Heliport
2MU0St GenevieveSt Genevieve County Memorial Hospital Heliport
MO91St LouisBarnes Jewish Hospital Heliport
73MOSt LouisSSM Health St Mary's Hospital-St Louis Heliport
MU05St LouisArch Heliport
8MO9St LouisMercy Hospital St Louis Heliport
MO55St LouisSSM Health St Louis University Hospital Heliport
MU52St LouisSSM Health Cardinal Glennon Children's Hospital Heliport
9MO1St LouisMissouri Baptist Hospital Heliport
49MOSt LouisHermann II Heliport
84MOSt LouisHoliday Inn Westport Heliport
8MO0St PetersBarnes Jewish St Peters Hospital Heliport
MU43St. JosephMosaic Life Care Heliport
MO60St. LouisSSM Health St. Clare Hospital-Fenton Heliport
MO52SullivanMissouri Baptist Hospital Heliport
MO42Sunrise BeachLOMO 4 Heliport
01MOTown And CountryHighway Patrol Troop C Headquarters Heliport
MO41TroyLanding Pad
1MU3UnionvillePutnam County Memorial Hospital Heliport
9MO7UrbanaUrbana Area Medical Heliport
MU60WarrensburgWestern Missouri Medical Center Heliport
MO97WentzvilleSSM Health St. Joseph Hospital-Wentzville Heliport
96MOWest AltonRiverlands Area Heliport
50MOWest PlainsOzarks Medical Center Heliport
MO10West PlainsAirevac Elevated Heliport
MU66WinfieldWinfield Manor Heliport
53MOZalmaHelp Heliport

The above list contains only private use heliports and may be incomplete.
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