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ID City Name
MS09AlligatorGlidwell Flying Service Airport
MS14AshlandJohn Farese Airpark
20MSBarlowDixon Airport
0MS8BenoitCatfish Point Airport
MS37BenoitWest Bolivar Flying Service Airport
7MS7BoltonFreebird Airport
6MS1BrandonWoodbridge Airport
MS11BrandonMohr Farm Airport
5MS6BrandonDee's Airport
MS20BrandonMach 1 Jet Port Airport
6MS6BrandonKaehr Airport
38MSBrookhavenShadycreek Acres Airport
MS80BruceHasting Airpark
7MS3ByhaliaMaidment Field Airport
2MS3CaledoniaShockly Field Airport
MS76Calhoun CityWade Field Airport
7MS1CantonEagle Crest Estates Airport
4MS9CantonProvidence Airpark
MS36CantonSupplejack Airport
7MS4CantonCloud 9 Airport
MS29CantonPace Airstrip
13MSCarriereGreener Pastures Airpark
MS33CharlestonBrown's Airport
02CDClarksdaleShannon Field Airport
08MSColdwaterWilliams Field Airport
9MS9ColumbiaBeets Airport
5MS3ColumbiaPorter Airport
6MS2Crystal SpringsWells Farm Airport
MS24EdwardsJoe Sanford Field Airport
3MS6FloraE E Lane Airport
3MS3FloraRoot Hog Airport
MS58FlorenceTullos Field Airport
MS90FlowoodFlowood Industrial Airport
46MSFoxworthCircle Bar Ranch Airport
32MSFoxworthBrowns Landing Airport
8MS2FultonGodspeed Airpark
34MSGautierColle Field Airport
MS75Glen AllanLewis Airport
MS13Glen AllanEifling Farms Airport
1MS2GoodmanPeterson Airport
MS30GreenvilleAbide Airpark
8MS1GreenwoodHenderson Airport
2MS8GrenadaSpencer Field Airport
MS82GulfportShade Tree Field Airport
MS59HermanvilleValley of the Moon Airport
MS64HernandoVaiden Landing Airport
14MSHickoryRose Field Airport
90MSHollandaleSteele Farms Airport
3MS1Holly SpringsThomas Field Airport
19MSHolly SpringsNichol Airpark
2MS9HoustonKimmel Airport
0MS9HoustonShenandoah Valley Farms Airport
MS77InvernessLang Flying Service Airport
MS21InvernessLester Field Airport
5MS2LakeshoreTurkey Bayou Airpark
MS49LibertyMc Gehee Air Park
MS06LinwoodLinwood Airport
MS26LucedaleCedar Creek Air Ranch Airport
22MSLucedaleSky Landings Airport
4MS5LucedaleBird Nest Airport
MS93Mc NeilHooper Skylark Field Airport
0MS0MeridianTopton Air Estates Airport
MS95MerigoldDorr Field Airport
MS50MonticelloClay Airport
5MS8OkolonaBall Airport
0MS7Pass ChristianAddison-Henley Field Airport
4MS0PelahatchiePayne Airport
MS96PhiladelphiaBarrett Field Airport
MS70PhiladelphiaMc Lain - Calico Airport
5MS5PicayuneMint Julep Airpark
MS61PicayuneEllis Field Airport
MS48PicayuneGeorge Ford Airport
MS08PisgahHarrell Field Airport
MS71PocahontasSlobovia Outernational Airport
MS88PoplarvilleOreck Airport
33MSPurvisFreedom Strip Airport
4MS2RaymondDogwood Acres Airport
MS55Red BanksSchloss Adlers Airport
02MSRochdaleWatts Field Airport
04MSRolling ForkNick's Flying Service Inc Airport
MS35Rolling ForkWade Airport
5MS1Rolling ForkRollang Field Airport
3MS8ScoobaFairview Farms Airport
0MS2SeminaryMorgan Field Airport
4MS4ShannonSpearman Field Airport
1MS0ShawTapley Airport
93MSShelbyShelby Air Service Airport
MS03ShelbyChristmas Airport
4MS3SladenJeter Field Airport
MS63SmithvilleRye Field Airport
MS69StarFalcon Field Airport
MS39TaylorsvilleSmith County Airport
MS40TchulaSouthland Flying Service Inc Airport
MS41TutwilerFlying Y Service Airport
3MS9UnionUnion Municipal Airport
3MS5VaidenMitchell's Airport
MS43VicksburgWhitaker Airport
MS65WallsDelta Flying Service Inc Airport
MS57WoodvilleFred Netterville Lumber Company/Wilkinson Community Airport
MS45YokenaBHLLC Airport

The above list contains only private use airports and may be incomplete.
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