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ID City Name
MT50AlzadaLanning Ranch Airport
0MT1AugustaWilliams Field Airport
MT43BasinKlies Air Strip Airport
4MT1BelgradeKreikemeier Airport
9MT9BelgradePierces Airport
05MTBelgradeJones Landing Airport
MT94Big SkyOusel Falls Airport
93MTBigforkMasonry Field Airport
63MTBillingsBillings Flying Service Airport
1MT9BillingsWilcox Airport
MT40BillingsSkywagon Ranch Airport
35MTBillingsHaynes Ranch Airport
24MTBozemanHaggerty Airport
MT71BozemanEdsall Field Airport
23MTBozemanWaterfall Airport
2MT5BozemanBriar Creek Airport
3MT6BozemanNistler Airport
21MTBozemanHarris Runway Airport
2MT8CardwellSouth Boulder Airport
3MT7CascadeCascade Field Airport
04MTCohagenPluhar Airport
MT18Columbia FallsHoerner Airport
44MTColumbusS&L Edwards Airport
MT30ConnerTrapper Creek Strip Airport
92MTConnerDbear Ranch Airport
MT72CorvallisHedditch Airport
55MTCraigMissouri River Ranch Airport
MT34CusterRuff Airport
4MT9DarbyBoulanger Field Airport
MT02DevonHellinger Airport
2MT9DrummondGold Creek Airport
MT74EkalakaSikorski Ranch Airport
MT05EkalakaLaird Ranch Airport
MT45EkalakaCastleberry Airport
1MT3EllistonWood Strip Airport
06MTEthridgeTorgerson Airport
9MT0Fort SmithPale Morning Dun Ranch Airport
01MTFortineCrystal Lakes Resort Airport
MT51FrazerZerbe Airport
1MT0Gallatin GatewayNine Quarter Circle Ranch Airport
MT01GeraldineOwen Bros Airport
14MTGildfordSandy Rock Airport
07MTGlasgowGlasgow Industrial Airport
25MTGlasgowBlatter Airport
36MTGrass Range16 Ranch Airport
19MTGrassrangeN Bar Ranch Airport
08MTGrassrangeMatovich Airport
MT76Great FallsSmith Farms Airport
31MTGreat FallsReverse 5 Bar M Airport
99MTHamiltonFox Field Airport
0MT4HamiltonKimp Airport
MT11HamiltonFish Hatchery Farm Airport
10MTHaxbyHoolie Airport
MT58Haxby / Fort PeckNelson Airport
MT86HelenaBar E Airport
MT83HelenaTen Mile Airport
MT06HelenaDuncan Airport
40MTHelenaSilver Creek Airport
30MTHelenaNistler Strip Airport
41MTHeronR & R Field Airport
MT77HighwoodPeterson Ranch Airport
12MTHinghamLincolns Field Airport
26MTHinghamHutchinson Airport
45MTHinghamPester Airport
MT52HusonNine Mile Airport
18MTJacksonFish Ranch Airport
MT95KalispellFlathead Lake Sky Ranch Airport
MT53KalispellCarson Field Airport
27MTKalispellRahn Airport
MT37KalispellSanders Airport
17MTKalispellAbel Ranch Airport
22MTKalispellWounded Buck Ranch Airport
MT54KalispellWeaver Airport
2MT2KalispellBraidwater Farm Airport
2MT0KalispellBates Airstrip
13MTKremlinSorenson Airport
MT03LakesideLakeside Airport
MT47LakeviewMetzel Creek Airport
20MTLambertPrevost Airport
69MTLambertFlying H Airport
50MTLaurelFly WM Airport
0MT5LaurelCottonwood Airport
MT65LewistownSmithfield Airport
28MTLincolnCain Ranch Airport
MT21LincolnNelson Ranch Airport
MT48LivingstonFlying Y Ranch Airport
MT04LustreOlfert Airport
15MTLustreSaubak Airport
97MTMarionCabin Creek Landing Airport
MT88MarionCampbell Ranch Airport
0MT6MarionHanson Airport
MT29Miles CitySunday Creek Airpark
MT09OpheimFloyd Ranch Airport
MT87PeerlessOglesby Farms Inc Airport
1MT6PhilipsburgBobcat Field Airport
86MTPolebridgeMoose City Airport
MT60PolebridgeLangton Airstrip
MT38PoplarSwank Airport
16MTRobertsBangart Field Airport
MT19RonanHoversland Airport
MT79RoySand Creek Wildlife Station Airport
3MT3RyegateThree Cross Ranch Airport
1MT7Sand CouleePrill Field Airport
MT39Seeley LakeBlack Canyon Ranch Airport
11MTShawmutLammers Airport
98MTStevensvilleRosemont Airport
4MT8StevensvilleBrier Patch Airport
MT32StevensvilleCkye Field Airport
0MT7Thompson FallsPinehurst Ranch Airport
MT42Three ForksHasskamp Airport
8MT4TownsendElk Meadows Ranch Airport
29MTTrout CreekCraik Airport
MT62Twin BridgesJefferson River Airport
MT33UlmBair Airport
2MT1West GlacierRyan Field Airport
0MT9WhitefishLone Hawk Airport
MT41WhitehallJefco Skypark Airport
MT80Wolf PointVine Airport
MT08ZortmanZortman Airport

The above list contains only private use airports and may be incomplete.
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