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United States of America


ID City Name
88OIAkronAkron City Hospital Heliport
85OIAkronChildren's Hospital Heliport
OH05AkronAkron General Medical Center Heliport
5OH5AlbanyMeigs Mine 1 Heliport
7OH4AlbanyMeigs Mine 2 Heliport
OH30AmeliaWhalen Heliport
5OH2AshlandODOT District 03 Heliport
5OH1AshlandSamaritan Hospital Heliport
8OH0AshtabulaAshtabula County Medical Center Heliport
OH23AthensO'Bleness Memorial Hospital Heliport
3OH3AthensHolzer Athens Heliport
1OH4AvonRichard E. Jacobs Health Center Heliport
OH88BalticBaltic Heliport
5OH0BataviaMercy Clermont Hospital Heliport
5OH3BellefontaineMary Rutan Heliport
4OH9BellevueBellevue Hospital Heliport
86OIBlue AshBelcan Heliport
22OHBlue AshGalenstein Park Heliport
85OHBowling GreenWood County Hospital Heliport
OI93BrecksvilleAlaimo's Heliport
OI80Broadview HeightsT & A Land Development Heliport
48OHBroadway HeightsUH-Broadview Heights Health Center Heliport
04OHBrunswickBrunswick Family Health Center Heliport
82OHBryanCommunity Hospital of Williams County Heliport
OA17BucyrusBucyrus Community Hospital Heliport
OI65CantonAultman Hospital Heliport
52OICantonMercy Medical Center Heliport
0OH1Chagrin FallsCirino Heliport
OA21Chagrin FallsFuller Heliport
65OIChardonBass Heliport
OI21ChillicotheVA Hospital Heliport
OH47ChillicotheDistrict 9 Heliport
OH91ChillicotheAdena Regional Medical Center Heliport
8OH9CincinnatiUniversity Hospital/Sicu Heliport
OH49CincinnatiChrist Hospital Heliport
92OICincinnatiGood Samaritan Hospital Heliport
OI94Cincinnati9 Newsport Heliport
00OHCincinnatiGood Samaritan Medical Center Heliport
4OI3CincinnatiHorizons Heliport
OH37CincinnatiMercy Anderson Heliport
OA60CincinnatiGreen Heliport
8OA3CincinnatiThe Jewish Hospital Heliport
81OICincinnatiBrown Heliport
6OI8ClevelandCleveland Clinic Foundation Heliport
77OIClevelandUniversity Hospitals of Cleveland Heliport
53OIClevelandMetro Health Medical Center Heliport
OI51Cleveland4th District Police Station Heliport
OI50Cleveland1st District Police Station Heliport
8OI6ClevelandSt Vincent Charity Hospital Heliport
7OH9ClevelandCleveland Police Dept 6th District Heliport
16OHClevelandLutheran Hospital Heliport
OI48ClydeTesar Heliport
54OIColdwaterCommunity Hospital Heliport
OH02ColumbianaEaken's Landing Heliport
OH54ColumbusOhio State University Hospital Heliport
28OIColumbusMount Carmel East Hospital Heliport
OI47ColumbusChannel 10/WBNS-TV Heliport
9OI9ColumbusRiverside Methodist Hospital Heliport
5OH8ColumbusJoseph Skilken & Co Heliport
35OIColumbusFawcett Center For Tomorrow Heliport
OI95ColumbusNationwide Children's Hospital Heliport
OH52ColumbusColumbus Heliport
OI96ColumbusNational Heliport
OH53ColumbusOhio Building Authority Heliport
OH01ColumbusGrant Medical Center Heliport
OI61ColumbusMount Carmel Health Heliport
6OI9ColumbusRed Roof Inns Heliport
2OI6ColumbusUniversity Hospital East Heliport
OA08ColumbusMedflight Heliport
OA52ColumbusRoss Heart Hospial Heliport
OI75Columbus GroveMacks Heliport
52OHCoshoctonCoshocton County Memorial Hospital Heliport
70OICrestlineCrestline Hospital Heliport
OA18Cuyahoga FallsCreekside Ridge Heliport
7OH6Cuyahoga FallsKaram Heliport
44OHCuyahoga FallsSJS Heliport
00OIDaytonMiami Valley Hospital Heliport
2OH5DaytonChildrens Medical Center Heliport
OI37DaytonRogers Heliport
12OADefianceDefiance Regional Medical Center Heliport
OH25DelawareGrady Memorial Hospital Heliport
15OHDennisonTwin City Hospital Heliport
13OIDoverUnion Hospital Heliport
93OIDublinStouffer's Dublin Heliport
0OI0East CantonFoltz Heliport
7OH0East LiverpoolEast Liverpool City Hospital Heliport
6OH3EatonKettering Emergency Center Preble Heliport
OI23ElyriaEmh Regional Medical Center Heliport
7OI4FairbornThe Farm Heliport
OA03FairfieldB & W Metals Company Heliport
5OH7FairfieldMercy Fairfield Hospital Heliport
89OHFindlayBlanchard Valley Regional Health Center Heliport
0OH3Forest ParkHamilton County Sheriff's Patrol Heliport
99OIFostoriaFostoria Community Hospital Heliport
OI24FredericktownKokosing Heliport
OI79FremontMemorial Hospital Heliport
8OH6GalionMedflight 5 Heliport
01OIGalionGalion Community Hospital Heliport
4OH7GallipolisHolzer Heliport
03OIGarfield HeightsMarymount Hospital Heliport
OH16GeorgetownSouthwest Regional Medical Center Heliport
9OA6GlousterBurr Oak Lodge Heliport
OA15HamiltonFort Hamilton Hospital Heliport
71OHHamiltonThe Christ Hospital Medical Center Heliport
83OIHebronM P W Heliport
OH69HillsboroHighland District Medical Heliport
OH41HillsboroBell Air Ranch Heliport
94OIHudsonBlades Landing Heliport
2OA3HuronSawmill Creek Resort Heliport
95OIIndian HillC C A Heliport
OH70Indian HillGallenstein Heliport
OH10JamestownMiami Valley Jamestown Emergency Center Heliport
OH14JeffersonvilleMedflight 9 Heliport
OH75KentonHardin Memorial Hospital Heliport
96OIKetteringKettering Hospital Heliport
4OA1LancasterFairfield Medical Center Heliport
OH80LebanonDistrict Nr 8 Heliport
94OHLimaSt Rita's Medical Center Heliport
OH83LimaLima Memorial Hospital Heliport
OH84LimaODOT District Nr 1 Heliport
21OHLodiLodi Community Hospital Heliport
OA09LondonMadison Health Heliport
9OH3LovelandC C A Heliport
29OIMadisonJTV Heliport
30OHMansfieldBahl Helistop
1OI0MansfieldManairco Heliport
48OIMansfieldMansfield CPC Heliport
41OIMansfieldMansfield General Hospital Heliport
31OHMansfieldAu Heliport
OH85MariettaMarietta Memorial Hospital Heliport
OH89MariettaSelby General Hospital Heliport
6OI4MarionMarion General Hospital Heliport
8OH2MarysvilleHonda Heliport
3OA9MarysvilleMemorial Hospital Heliport
07OHMasonFerrell Flying Field Heliport
35OHMassillonGainey Heliport
OA06MassillonAffinity Medical Center Heliport
3OI8MaumeeSt Luke's Hospital Heliport
9OI1MaumeeDice's Personal Heliport
OI83Mayfield HeightsHillcrest Hospital Heliport
0OA2MedinaMedina Hospital Heliport
55OHMedinaSumma Health Center Heliport
OH31MiamisburgSycamore Hospital Heliport
37OHMiddleburg HeightsSouthwest General Hospital Heliport
58OIMiddlefieldHarrington Square Heliport
59OIMiddlefieldAirwolf Heliport
01OHMiddletownAtrium Medical Center Heliport
3OH5MiddletownKettering Health Middletown Heliport
OA22MontgomeryBethesda North Hospital Heliport
1OI4Moreland HillsSom Jackson Heliport
OH58MorrowCow Chip Creek Heliport
9OH0Mount OrabMercy Mt. Orab Hospital Heliport
OH04Mount VernonKnox Community Hospital Heliport
OH06NapoleonHenry County Hospital Heliport
74OINewarkLicking Memorial Hospital Heliport
6OH8NewberryRMZ Heliport
3OH2North LawrenceAPI Heliport
OI43North OlmstedBack Achers Heliport
80OINorthfieldCleveland Clinic South Pointe Heliport
OH08NorwalkFisher-Titus Medical Center Heliport
6OH2NoveltyCraighead Heliport
OH72Oak HillOak Hill Hospital Heliport
3OA3OberlinPelton Heliport
96OHOntarioAvita Ontario Helipad Heliport
OI44OregonSt Charles Hospital Heliport
8OH1OrrvilleAultman Orrville Hospital Heliport
61OIOxfordMc Cullough Hyde Hospital Heliport
9OA2OxfordHueston Woods Lodge Heliport
23OIPainesvilleAssociated Enterprises Heliport
78OIParmaCPC Parma Heliport
62OIParmaParma Community Hospital Heliport
3OI9Pepper PikeV J S Heliport
68OIPerrysburgAbbey Etna Heliport
3OI5PerrysburgWelded Heliport
9OH6PomeroyHolzer Emergency Medical Facility Heliport
2OH1Port ClintonMagruder Memorial Heliport
OH62PortsmouthSouthern Ohio Regional Medical Center Heliport
68OHPortsmouthAir Evac 97 Heliport
6OH5PowellConnor Heliport
OI86RavennaRobinson Memorial Hospital Heliport
60OHRavennaODOT District 4 Office Heliport
97OISalemSalem Community Hospital Heliport
64OISalemPonderosa Heliport
1OH5San MargharetaMinit-Men Inc Heliport
OI87SanduskyFirelands Community Hospital Nr 2 Heliport
2OH3SeamanAdams County Regional Medical Center Heliport
OI33Sharon CenterRuhlin Heliport
3OI7SharonvilleValley Asphalt Heliport
1OH6SidneyODOT Heliport
OH81SpringfieldSpringfield Regional Medical Center Heliport
6OH0SpringfieldMercy Medical Center Heliport
23OHSt. MarysJoint Township Memorial Hospital Heliport
8OI4SteubenvilleTrinity Medical Center West Heliport
4OI0SylvaniaFlower Hospital Heliport
OI63TarltonMildon Heliport
4OH0Tipp CityBlack Heliport
6OI6ToledoToledo Hospital Heliport
OI53ToledoSt Vincent Hospital & Medical Center Heliport
OI35ToledoScott Park Heliport
74OHToledoUniversity of Toledo Medical Center Heliport
OI05ToledoDana Heliport
49OIToledoDelaware Operations Heliport
0OH4TroyUpper Valley Medical Center Heliport
9OH5TroyMiami Valley Heliport
OH17TroyKettering Health Troy Heliport
4OH5TwinsburgTwinsburg Family Health and Surgery Center Heliport
76OHUpper SanduskyWyandot Memorial Hospital Heliport
99OHUrbanaMercy Memorial Hospital Heliport
OH79VermilionVermilion Township Heliport
OH76VermilionWaterwood Heliport
47OIWadsworthWadsworth-Rittman Hospital Heliport
2OI3WalbridgeRailway Stop Heliport
11OHWashington Court HouseFayette County Memorial Hospital Heliport
OH73WauseonFulton County Health Center Heliport
84OIWellstonGrant Lifeflight 2 Heliport
OH11West ChesterWest Chester Hospital Heliport
OI97WestervilleSt Ann's Heliport
1OH0WilmingtonClinton Memorial Hospital Heliport
9OI4WilmingtonQuail Lakes Heliport
19OIWintersvilleAirc Helistop
90OHWoodsfieldWoodsfield Heliport
69OHXeniaGreene Memorial Hospital Heliport
06O1YoungstownSaint Elizabeth Medical Center Heliport
4OH2ZanesvilleBethesda Hospital Helistop Heliport
4OI1ZanesvillePetro Heliport
0OH2ZoarRotary Run Heliport

The above list contains only private use heliports and may be incomplete.
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