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South Dakota

ID City Name
SD05AberdeenThorson Airfield
SD32AberdeenBraun Airport
30SDAberdeenBarber Field Airport
80SDAberdeenComstock Field Airport
SD19BadgerAndersen Farms Airport
SD53BeresfordHoward Field Airport
SD29BeresfordGlenwood Field Airport
SD30BonesteelSelle Airport
5SD3BowdleBowdle Municipal Airport
3SD2Box ElderKauer Private Airport
SD33Camp CrookSky Ranch For Boys Airport
SD76Camp CrookTennant Ranch Airport
8OA5Camp CrookCamp Crook Municipal Airport
SD43CavourIngle Airport
SD44ChamberlainCook Field Airport
SD66CottonwoodCooks Airport
SD59CrockerLone Tree Airport
SD83De SmetLee Airport
SD46Dell RapidsJensen Airport
SD13DolandHofer Airport
SD14DraperValburg Ranch Airport
SD47Eagle ButteHunt Field Airport
SD00Elk PointMJ Aviation Airport II
SD98EnningBarber Airport
1SD4FaithVig Limousin Airport
SD48FaithBlomberg 42 Ranch Private Airport
SD49FerneyHite Airport
00SDGaryHoman Field Airport
17SDGaryStone's Conservation Airport
SD93GettysburgGary Myers Airport
1SD0Glad ValleyDorsey Ranch Airport
0SD0GlencrossLenling Airport
SD50HarroldHarrold Municipal Airport
9SD8HartfordOakleaf Airport
SD21HayesHayes Emergency Airstrip
0SD3HooverBledsoe Ranch Airport
SD68Hot SpringsFlying T Airport
SD27Hot SpringsBlack Hills Flyway Airport
1SD3HurleyTurkey Ridge Airport
2SD7HurleyDangel Airport
SD55HuronWinter Airfield
2SD9IpswichTC Field Airport
SD78KennebecAnderson Aerial Spraying Airport
SD01LetcherMJ Aviation Airport I
SD77MennoMettler Airport
18SDMillerLost Creek Airport
2SD4Mount VernonNicolaisen Airport
2SD0NemoParadise Valley Airport
1SD6Oelrich'SBogner No II Airport
SD71OelrichsBogner Field Airport
SD72OpalVig Ranch Airfield
SD57PierreW L Thompson Airport
SD74PollockVander Wal Airport
4SD4Rapid CityDan's Airport
SD94RevilloLundin Airport
SD36RidgeviewBooth Ranch Airport
3SD3ScenicBrown Field Airport
1SD1ScotlandBurke Field Airport
9SD7SelbyBeaman Airport
SD90SpearfishMitchell's Strip Airport
SD24SturgisEden Valley Airport
SD35SturgisBruch Airfield
3SD4TeaChris Hofer Landing Strip
SD61TyndallPlihal Farms Airport
SD73Valley SpringsErickson Intergalactic Airport
SD97VivianOller Airport
0SD1WakondaLodi Airport
0SD7WanbleePorch Ranch Airport
20SDWhiteLutgen Airport
1SD5White LakeDrake Farm Airport
SD65WilmotWhipple Ranch Airport
SD03WinfredCalico Field Airport

The above list contains only private use airports and may be incomplete.
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