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United States of America


ID City Name
9TN6ArlingtonPerformance Helicopters Heliport
2TN5AthensAthens Regional Medical Center Heliport
59TNAtokaBurnett Heliport
TN61BartlettRanger Heliport
60TNBolivarWhitehurst Field Heliport
TN04BristolBristol Regional Medical Center Heliport
99TNBrownsvilleHaywood County EMS Heliport
6TN8CamdenValley Regional Heliport
TN45CelinaCumberland River Hospital Heliport
TN22CentervilleHickman County Health Services Heliport
0TN8ChattanoogaErlanger Medical Center Heliport
TN03ChattanoogaMemorial Health Care System Heliport
TN90ChattanoogaMathews Heliport
TN93ClarksvilleGateway Medical Center Heliport
33TNClevelandBradley Memorial Hospital Heliport
1TN5ColumbiaMaury Regional Hospital Heliport
1TN1ColumbiaPela 15 Heliport
TN31CookevilleCookeville Regional Medical Center Heliport
23TNCopperhillCopper Basin Medical Center Heliport
7TN7CouncePca Heliport
57TNCrossvilleCumberland County Hospital Heliport
5TN0DicksonTristar Horizon FSED Helipad Heliport
7TN6DicksonHorizon Medical Center Heliport
18TNDunlapSequatchie County Heliport
TN06DyersburgAE75 Heliport
1TN4DyersburgMethodist Healthcare Heliport
16TNFayettevilleLincoln Medical Center Heliport
22TNGallatinJulkev Heliport
TN69GermantownMethodist Lebonheur Healthcare Germantown Hospital Heliport
9TN8GoodlettsvilleDollar General Heliport
TN19HarrimanRoane Medical Center Heliport
73TNHumboldtHumboldt General Heliport
4TN7HuntingdonBMH-H Heliport
TN05JacksonJackson-Madison County General Hospital Heliport
4TN8JacksonRegional Hospital of Jackson Heliport
TN40JellicoJellico Hospital Heliport
89TNJohnson CityBell Helicopter Heliport
TN91Johnson CityJohnson City Medical Center Heliport
TN57Johnson CityAir Trade Center Heliport
15TNKingsportIndian Path Medical Center Heliport
1TN7KingsportBrendle's Heliport
3TN5KingsportHolston Valley Medical Center Heliport
09TNKnoxvilleUniversity of Tennessee Medical Center Heliport
0TN7KnoxvilleHorne Properties Heliport
0TN9KnoxvilleEast Tennessee Children's Hospital Heliport
0TN3KnoxvillePark West Heliport
0TN4KnoxvillePhysicians Medical Regional Center Heliport
31TNLawrenceburgCrockett Hospital Heliport
55TNLenoir CityFT Loudon Medical Center Heliport
5TN8LindenPerry Community Hospital Heliport
34TNLivingstonLivingston Hospital Heliport
TN32LoudonLoudon Justice Center Heliport
76TNLylesDonald Gammons Memorial Heliport
24TNManchesterUnity Medical Center Heliport
5TN1Mc KenzieBaptist Memorial Hospital - Carrol County Heliport
25TNMc MinnvilleColumbia River Park Hospital Heliport
27TNMemphisMemphis Police Department Heliport
3TN1MemphisMethodist Hospital-North Heliport
TN29Memphis67 Madison Ave Partnership Ltd Heliport
28TNMemphisBHM East Helipad
TN25MemphisMethodist Hospital Central Heliport
8TN0MemphisLe Bonheur Medical Center Heliport
2TN0MemphisHospital Wing Heliport
TN28MemphisAnderson-Tully County Heliport
14TNMemphisNews Channel 3 Heliport
6TN6MilanMilan General Hospital Heliport
72TNMorristownLakeway Regional Hospital Heliport
9TN3Mountain CityEast Tennessee Helicopters Heliport
TN35NashvilleVanderbilt University Medical Center Heliport
TN33NashvilleTennessee Army & Air National Guard Heliport
TN92NashvilleMetrocenter Heliport
2TN6NashvilleSaint Thomas Midtown Hospital Heliport
TN34NashvilleSt Thomas West Hospital Heliport
30TNNashvilleTristar Skyline Medical Center Heliport
TN60NashvilleWSMV-TV Heliport
61TNNashvilleParthenon Heliport
7TN2NashvilleCentennial Medical Center Tower Heliport
TN55NashvilleGinny 'B' Heliport
TN84NashvilleMc Gavock Heliport
9TN0NashvilleSummit Medical Center Heliport
7TN8NewportVan Stratum Heliport
26TNNewportCocke County Baptist Hospital Heliport
7TN9NewportJacques Heliport
90TNOak RidgeMethodist Medical Center of Oak Ridge Hospital Heliport
TN46ParisHenry County Medical Center Heliport
TN76ParisMobley-Wood Heliport
47TNParisCabin Pad Heliport
5TN3Pigeon ForgeBoondocks Heliport
6TN0Pigeon ForgeWaldens Creek Heliport
3TN7Pigeon ForgePigeon Forge Heliport
29TNPikevilleBledsoe County Hospital Heliport
46TNPleasantvillePleasantville Pentacostal Church Heliport
2TN1RipleyLauderdale Community Hospital Heliport
6TN2RogersvilleHawkins County Memorial Hospital Heliport
5TN7SavannahTGP Station 856 Heliport
5TN6SavannahHardin County General Hospital Heliport
6TN3SeviervilleSixty Six Heliport
03TNSeviervilleEagles Landing Heliport
TN15ShelbyvilleBedford Hospital Heliport
35TNSmithvilleDekalb Community Hospital Heliport
TN88SpartaWhite County Community Hospital Heliport
TN00SpringfieldNorthcrest Medical Center Heliport
37TNSweetwaterUniversity of Tennessee Lifestar Sweetwater Heliport
49TNSweetwaterSweetwater Fire Department Heliport
2TN9Union CityBaptist Memorial Hospital Heliport
13TNVonoreBear Mountain Heliport
TN72WaverlyThree Rivers Hospital Heliport
TN24WaynesboroWayne Medical Center Heliport
TN42WhitwellValley View Assisted Living Heliport
32TNWinchesterSouthern Tennessee Medical Center Heliport
TN38WoodburyStones River Hospital Heliport

The above list contains only private use heliports and may be incomplete.
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