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ID City Name
UT56American ForkAmerican Fork Hospital Heliport
UT18Big WaterAmangiri Heliport
UT81BlandingBlanding Ambulance Heliport
UT58BonanzaBonanza Power Plant Heliport
UT14Brigham CityBrigham City Community Hospital Heliport
UT36Cedar CityWecco Heliport
UT12Cedar CityGilbert Development Shop Heliport
UT05DraperUtah National Guard Headquarters Heliport
25UTDraperLone Peak Hospital Heliport
2UT4Heber CityHeber Valley Hospital Heliport
3UT7Heber CityLosee Villa Heliport
10UTHurricaneGilbert Development Corp Heliport
UT66HurricaneZion Helicopters Heliport
UT02KanabKCH Helipad Heliport
UT44LaytonDavis Hospital & Medical Center Heliport
05MLehiMountain Point Medical Center Helipad Heliport
3UT9Little Sahara Recreation AreaLittle Sahara Medical Helipad #2 Heliport
3UT8Little Sahara Recreation AreaLittle Sahara Medical Helipad #1 Heliport
UT06LoganLogan Regional Hospital Heliport
UT22LoganWestern Surgery Center Heliport
23UTLoganCache Valley Hospital Heliport
UT07MoabMoab Helibase Heliport
UT72MoabTwo Jays Nr 2 Heliport
UT38MoabTwo Jays Nr 1 Heliport
UT04MoabArches Tours Heliport
UT11MurrayIntermountain Medical Center Heliport
UT39North Salt LakeA A Helicopters Inc Heliport
UT16OgdenMc Kay-Dee Hospital Center Heliport
UT78OremTimpanogos Regional Hospital Heliport
UT85OremCirque Lodge Studio Heliport
36UTPark CityPark City Regional Medical Center Heliport
UT35PaysonMountain View Hospital Heliport
4UT8PriceCastleview Hospital Helipad Heliport
UT51ProvoUtah Valley Regional Medical Center Heliport
3UT6RivertonRiverton Hospital Heliport
UT61RooseveltUintah Basin Medical Center Heliport
UT45Salt Lake CityState Capitol Helicopter Landing Site Heliport
UT98Salt Lake CityRedwood Health Center Heliport
UT55Salt Lake CityLDS Hospital North Heliport
UT33Salt Lake CityKutv Channel Two Heliport
UT21Salt Lake CityMedical Center Helistop
UT31Salt Lake CityAmerican Stores Heliport
UT19Salt Lake CitySalt Lake Regional Medical Center Heliport
UT64Salt Lake CitySt Marks Heliport
UT08Salt Lake CityPrimary Childrens Medical Center Heliport
UT63SandyAlta View Hospital Heliport
UT84South Salt Lake CitySkaggs Heliport
UT52St GeorgeDixie Medical Center Heliport
UT46TooeleTooele Army Depot/South Area Heliport
UT86TooeleMiller Motorsports Park Heliport
UT71TooeleTooele Valley Hospital Heliport
20UTTooeleMountain West Medical Center Heliport
18UTTooele CityAirmed Tooele Heliport
UT73ToquervilleDiamond 'G' Ranch Heliport
79UTTremontonBear River Valley Hospital Heliport
UT77TropicAladdin Air Heliport
UT32VernalAshley Valley Medical Center Heliport
54UTWashington TerraceOgden Regional Medical Center Heliport
UT87West JordanJordan Valley Hospital Heliport
UT23West Valley CityJordan Valley Medical Center-West Valley Campus Heliport

The above list contains only private use heliports and may be incomplete.
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