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ID City Name
VT11AddisonAss-Pirin Acres Airport
VT09AddisonSpencer Airport
VT46AlburgNorthern Lights Airport
VT38AlburgGreenwoods Airfield
VT10BridportManning Personal Airstrip
VT73BridportMelrose Springs Airfield
VT62CabotCatamount Airfield
04VTCabotLightning Bolt Field Airport
1VT8CastletonMortimer Brown Landing Airport
VT12CharlotteE A Deeds Farm Airport
VT13ChesterHolloway Airport
VT15Grand IsleSavage Island Airport
VT01HuntingtonTeal Farm Airport
88VTIsle LamotteHawk's Nest Airport
VT45JerichoDavis Airport
07VTJerichoMeadow Airport
VT03LincolnMaule's Roost Airport
VT17LudlowSmith Airport
VT59ManchesterArdell Flying Field Airport
VT52MiltonShaw Meadow Airport
VT44MorrisvillePerras Field Airport
VT42MorrisvilleTwo Tails Airport
VT53PantonBailey Airport
47VTPantonCub Field Airport
VT06PutneySanta's Airport
VT55RandolphBrandon Airport
VT22ShelburneShelburne Farms Airport
42VTShelburneFrogs End Airport
VT23ShelburneBostwick Farm Airport
66VTShorehamSymon Airport
VT25South BurlingtonSky Acres Airport
VT26South HeroAllenholm Airport
VT43TownshendOnyon Airport
VT47VernonMiller Farm Airfield
VT30WaitsfieldKetcham Landing Area Airport
VT31WashingtonCarriers Skypark Airport
VT56West BurkeWest Burke Aerodrome
VT60West PawlettHulett Landing Strip
VT34WestminsterMajor W Guth Airport
VT14WeybridgeAxinn Airport
33VTWilliamstownSky View Acres Airport

The above list contains only private use airports and may be incomplete.
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