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ID City Name
WY03Big PineyMarbleton Big Piney Clinic Heliport
WY57CasperWyoming Medical Center Heliport
50WYCasperMc Murry Heliport
WY47CasperTrue Heliport
00WYCasperMountain View Regional Hospital Heliport
WY50CheyenneCheyenne Echo Heliport
WY62CodyWest Park Hospital Heliport
WY52EvanstonEvanston Regional Hospital Heliport
WY21GilletteCampbell County Memorial Hospital Heliport
23WYJacksonSt John's Medical Center Heliport
18WYJacksonTeton County Search & Rescue Heliport
WY43JacksonWyoming Game and Fish Heliport
WY20JacksonHeli X Heliport
97WYJacksonSnake River Canyon Heliport
98WYJacksonHMHS Heliport
WY67KemmererSouth Lincoln Medical Center Heliport
WY40LaramieIvinson Memorial Hospital Heliport
WY28PinedalePinedale Medical Clinic Heliport
WY04PowellPowell Hospital Heliport
WY68RawlinsMemorial Hospital Heliport
WY24RivertonRiverton Memorial Hospital Heliport
WY49Rock SpringsMemorial Hospital of Sweetwater County Heliport
9WY0SheridanSheridan Memorial Hospital Heliport
WY26TorringtonCommunity Hospital Heliport
WY35WorlandWashakie Memorial Hospital Heliport

The above list contains only private use heliports and may be incomplete.
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