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  Searcy Municipal Airport  
  Searcy, AR, United States of America  
 Rate Tier 
Business listing rates
Prices in U.S. dollars
Listing level   12 months
Basic   55.00
Basic+Logo   110.00
Silver   167.00
Gold   335.00

Additional listing costs
Setup fee (required for new listings)   $50.00
Reinstatement fee (for reinstatement of former listings)   $50.00
Fuel Price Guarantee (optional)   $99.00
Affinity symbols (each)$25.00
Tagline (optional)$100.00
Social network links (each)$60.00

Outline of Listing Packages
Your business on the Searcy Municipal Airport page with contact info (phone, email, link to web site), and a brief description in generic copy (our text). For FBOs and fuel providers, fuel prices are shown too. For hotels, a link to online reservations may be provided. Your listing details page will include your list of services (up to 10, from our standard list), address, phone, fax, email address, and link to your web site.
Adds your logo on the airport page and your details page. Maximum logo dimensions are 60x60 on airport page and 180x60 on details page. For branded FBOs and fuel providers, also adds the fuel brand logo. Note that this addition of your brand logo will probably make you eligible for co-op reimbursement from your fuel company.
All the features of Basic+Logo, plus add preferred position (above your competitors' Basic listings, first come first served within Silver listings) on the airport page, and the ability to write your own text. You are no longer constrained by our standard copy, you can provide your own copy, and you get 20 bullet items to describe your services (double that of the Basic listings). Can also list UNICOM/ARINC frequency, hours of operation, and any remark about fueling (for FBOs).
All the features of Silver, plus add preferred position (above all competitors, and first come first served within Gold listings) on the airport page, a larger logos (240x60 on airport page -- which is 4 times the size) and unlimited size on your details page. Much more room for your text, and also add photos of your facility, your location on the airport diagram, list of key personnel with contact info, and more.

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We provide you also some guidance listing rates for other airports in the area. You may want to consider listing at some of these other airports as well, or you may just want to look at their rates for comparison purposes.
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About Pricing Tiers

AirNav classifies each airport into one of eight tiers (1-8), based on type and amount of traffic at each airport, number of page views on, facilities at an airport (such as runway lengths, instrument approachs, etc.), and other factors. Tier 1 airports are some of the busiest general aviation airports, while Tier 8 airports are the sleepiest farm strips. We charge different rates for advertising at different tiers, to make it fair and affordable for everyone. We believe that our rate structure is very fair, putting our services well within reach of any business at any airport.

Searcy Municipal Airport is classified as a Tier 6 airport based on its traffic, page views, facilities and amenities.For comparison purposes, you may be interested to know that some other airports in tier 6 include:

  • KHBZ - Heber Springs Municipal Airport (Heber Springs, AR)
  • KTVR - Vicksburg Tallulah Regional Airport (Tallulah, LA)
  • KDMO - Sedalia Regional Airport (Sedalia, MO)
  • F46 - Ralph M Hall/Rockwall Municipal Airport (Rockwall, TX)
  • KRPH - Graham Municipal Airport (Graham, TX)

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