FAA-Approved Repair Station FAA-Approved Repair Station

A Part 145 Repair Station is one that is certificated by the FAA to perform maintenance and repair on aircraft.

In order to receive and maintain a Part 145 certificate, a repair station must have its programs, practices, training, quality control, personnel, management, and more, reviewed and approved by the FAA. There is an initial certification as well as ongoing certification conducted by the local Flight Standards District Office (FSDO) of the FAA.

When you see the "Part 145" symbol on AirNav, it means that the repair station affirms that it has a current Part 145 certificate, and performs aircraft maintenance and repair services according to an FAA-approved program. To check on the certificate(s) held by this repair station, the types of aircraft worked on and the work performed, please contact the repair station or the local FAA FSDO with jurisdiction over the repair station.
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