Self service

Self-service fueling requires the pilot or aircraft operator to
  • Position the aircraft near the fueling station
  • Provide a method of payment (typically a credit card) to the automated fueling station
  • Follow the instructions and procedures for the automated fueling station to dispense fuel to the aircraft
  • Obtain a receipt from the automated fueling station (may not always be available)
  • Reposition the aircraft away from the fueling station to make room for other aircraft to use the system

Most automated self-service fueling stations are available 24 hours a day. However, some may not be, or the airport may not be open 24 hours a day. It is the pilot's responsibility to ascertain that fuel will be available at the desired time.

Due to their design limitations or to availability of ramp space, some self-serve stations may not be adequatelly equipped for all types of aircraft. Pilots should check in advance for availability of ladders (for high-wing aircraft), lights (for night fueling), ground wires, hose length (for larger aircraft), etc.

Local laws, regulations, or operating procedures may require operators of a self-service fueling station to undergo training or obtain some form of authorization prior to using a self-service fueling system to fuel aircraft

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