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The following car rental companies provide vehicles to travelers at the Fullerton Municipal Airport:
Enterprise Rent-A-CarAirNav has arranged with Enterprise Rent-A-Car for online reservations for general aviation. Enterprise can have vehicles delivered to your FBO, or to have you picked up at the FBO (specific arrangements vary by location.)
Avis Rent-A-CarAirNav has arranged with Avis for special discount rates for general aviation. Avis will preposition the car at the FBO for you, and your car will be available for pickup and dropoff whenever the FBO is open (even if Avis is closed at that time.) For this service you will need to have an Avis Preferred membership so that your rental contract can be ready in advance. If you don't have an Avis Wizard number and Avis Preferred service, sign up for it for free.
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