Here’s How It Works

1. You become a member by enrolling online at or at a participating FBO.

• Membership costs $39 per year

• You will receive a temporary card that you can use immediately, and a permanent card will be mailed to you

• Your membership is good for a whole year

2. You will immediately be eligible for discounted fuel prices at hundreds of FBOs nationwide.

• The member can use the card for discounts on purchases of 100LL or Jet-A into any aircraft

3. To find your savings, just log on to and you will see your AirBoss® discounted prices highlighted in blue next to the retail prices.

• Just use your regular AirNav user ID and password; if you don't have an AirNav user ID, we will take you through the process of creating one when you become a member

• Discounts vary per FBO depending on local market conditions. Per our agreements with the FBOs, we can only disclose the AirBoss® prices to our members. However, we can tell you that based on current discounts pledged by FBOs, members save between $0.05 and $2.03 per gallon, with an average savings of $0.22 per gallon.

• All AirBoss® prices you see on are  GUARANTEED  BY THE FBO

4. To get your savings, just taxi up to any AirBoss® participating FBO and order your fuel, as you normally do.

• Keep in mind that the AirBoss® card is not valid at your home airport, even if your home FBO participates in the program; the program is designed to help you save when you travel

5. When you pay for your fuel, just present your current AirBoss® membership card and receive the special AirBoss® member price.

• If your AirBoss® card has a VISA® logo on it, you must pay with your AirBoss® VISA® card. Otherwise, you pay with cash, check, other credit card, or any other method accepted by the participating FBO

• If you pay with the AirBoss® VISA® Rewards card, you earn valuable points that you can redeem for travel, merchandise, or cash back.

Is This Program For Me?

If you care about the cost of fuel (and who doesn't these days?), and burn at least 1000 gallons per year flying, then you will likely save much more than the modest $39 annual fee.

• For example, if you fly 100 hours a year burning just 10 gallons an hour (your typical Cessna 172), you should come out ahead
• If you fly a twin, turboprop or a jet, it's a no brainer. You actually stand a good chance of saving enough on your first fill up to pay for your membership right there

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Yes, we believe in AirBoss® as much as you do. And we're willing to stand behind what we believe in. If you are not satisfied with the program within the first 6 months, and bought it directly from the web site, just cancel your membership and mail your card back for a full refund. If you bought your membership through a reseller or agent (e.g., FBO or iTunes app store) you will need to contact them for a refund, and their refund policies may vary.

I like it. How do I join?

Just click "Enroll Now" below. You will need to have a credit card ready to pay your $39 membership fee.




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