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Sevier County Airport

at J Lynn Helms Sevier County Airport

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From Charlie Melton on 27-Aug-2018

  Landed there on 6/26/2018, fuel price was advertised at $3.89, price was $4.45. Elected not to purchase. Wasted fuel to land there.
From James Porter on 05-Aug-2018

  The fuel pump credit card reader looks like a futuristic device, really modern and first class. But, it is a little difficult to use. The screen asks the usual questions and the adjacent button must be pushed. When you get to the final approval, the screen goes back to the "Welcome" screen. Thinking that something didn't go through, you start over and then are told that the screen is offline. Almost ready to give up, I decide to turn on the pump handle and it comes to life, only to shut back down after only one fuel tank is filled. It seems that the pump is ready but the screen does not tell you that the pump is ready or that your card is authorized. Also the pump is on a timer so that while you are trying to figure it out the clock is running. Be prepared to run your card twice if you run out of time while fueling. The pilots lounge is locked with no indication what to enter on the keypad. I asked someone working in a nearby hangar and he passed the secret code.
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