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City of Olney

at Olney Municipal Airport

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On this page we can display a detailed listing with information that pilots, dispatchers, and aircraft owners and operators look for about City of Olney, including:
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From Wesley Ragle on 13-Sep-2021

  The airport is in a period of transition. The main hangar has been taken over by Air Tractor. I stopped by there a few weeks back and the "Pilot Shack" was being worked on and a new fuel pump had been installed. I have some property near Olney. One morning friends were flying in from the metroplex to pick me up. That morning I had a flat tire. I called and asked about a courtesy car. None available. Let's hope that's the next improvement :-)
From Pete Johnson on 31-May-2021

  AVOID. Stopped by weather and looking to overnight. Pilot shack torn up and smells of mold. NO transportation. Called the city number posted - no help, sent me to an air tractor guy that had no idea why they would say to ask him and was no help anyway. I hate to see an airport die, but they're killing this one. GO TO GRAHAM!!!
From Stan Musick on 26-Apr-2021

  I have tried to get info for a fuel stop. City Hall is phone number listed. They do not have info. Asked that I call Air Tractor. They do not provide the info either. I've stopped at ONY in the past with satisfactory results.... Not sure why can't get info on price/availability of avgas
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