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ID City Name
MYMMAbrahams BayMayaguana Airport
MYCAArthurs TownArthurs Town Airport
MYBGBullocks HarbourGreat Harbour Cay Airport
MYSMCockburn TownSan Salvador International Airport
MYCIColonel HillColonel Hill Airport
MYAKCongo TownCongo Town Airport
MYLDDeadmans CayDeadmans Cay Airport
MYGFFreeportGrand Bahama International Airport
MYAFFresh CreekFresh Creek Airport
MYEFGeorge TownExuma International Airport
MYEMGovernors HarbourGovernors Harbour Airport
MYABMangrove CayClarence A Bain Airport
MYAMMarsh HarbourLeonard M Thompson International Airport
MYIGMatthew TownMatthew Town Airport
MYNNNassauLynden Pindling International Airport
MYCBNew BightNew Bight Airport
MYANNicholls TownSan Andros Airport
MYEHNorth EleutheraNorth Eleuthera Airport
MYRPPort NelsonNew Port Nelson Airport
MYERRock SoundRock Sound Airport
MYASSandy PointSandy Point Airport
MYBSSouth BiminiSouth Bimini Airport
MYAPSpring PointSpring Point Airport
MYESStaniel CayStaniel Cay Airport
MYLSStella MarisStella Maris Airport
MYATTreasure CayTreasure Cay Airport

The above list contains only public use airports and may be incomplete.
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