PSI FAA Test Center PSI FAA Test Center

This company has the exclusive PSI (formerly LaserGrade) FAA Test Center for this area, administering computer-based FAA tests.

PSI (formerly LaserGrade) offers proctored computer-based test administration for professional and occupational licensure and certification examinations, and Federal Aviation Administration licensure using its own secure network and software.

PSI is the largest United States owned and operated network in North America. PSI has more than 1,000 computer-based testing centers across the United States and Canada, including 30 international sites. PSI is one of only two computer-based testing companies authorized by the federal government to administer all FAA Airman Knowledge Tests (pilots). PSI delivers more than 60 required exams for commercial and private pilots and mechanics.

Your local PSI FAA Test Center can administer FAA tests required for numerous certificates or ratings.
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