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Golden Eagle Aviation

Golden Eagle Aviation is dedicated to providing pilots, and passengers with a full range of aviation services, at historic Moton Field in Tuskegee Alabama.
Conveniently located 15 minutes from downtown Auburn and 30 minutes from Montgomery, Golden Eagle Aviation is located at the most ideal airport for avoiding traffic on the ground, and in the air. Offering ground transportation, and full ramp services 24/7, we are prepared to accommodate you when deciding to attend a football game or any other travel occasion.
While on the field be sure to visit the Tuskegee Airmen National Historic Site located within walking distance of our terminal.
-Golden Eagle Aviation, preparing for the golden future, while honoring a glorious past.
Moton Field Municipal Airport
UNICOM 122.80

1721 General B.O. Davis Drive
Tuskegee, AL 36083
United States of America

Fax 334-727-6487

 CAA Preferred FBO 
Services, Facilities and Amenities
  • Aviation Fuel
  • Quick Turn
  • Aircraft Parking and Tie-Down
  • Overnight and Monthly Hangar Storage
  • Ground Transportation
  • Passenger terminal and waiting area
  • Pilot Lounge and Flight planning room
  • Catering
  • Aircraft Maintenance
  • Nitrogen & Oxygen Service with prior arrangment
  • Pilot Supplies
  • FAA approved class rooms
  • Conference and meeting room
  • WiFi
  • Aircraft Rental
  • Flight/Ground Training
  • Hospitality Suite for Auburn University Home Games
  • Hospitality Suite for Tuskegee University Homecoming
Aviation fuel services
Brand: Shell
Fueling hours: Mon-Sun 7:30am - 5pm CT
Call out Available 24/7 334-727-6485
We are open For the Auburn Home Games
100LL Avgas Full service    $3.94   $3.93
Jet A Full service    $3.75   $3.74
Discounts: Golden Eagle Aviation is a CAA Preferred FBO!
Prices include all taxes.
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Comments from AirNav users
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From Dustin Melton on 06-Aug-2018

  Tom was simply awesome. 06A was a stopping point for me to Biloxi from NC primarily for the low cost of 100LL fuel, which was $3.94 at the time but the hospitality that Tom showed proved to be better than the fuel price! He offered us the crew car to grab something to eat. Thoroughly recommend this as a stopping point even if it is a "little" bit out of the way. You won't be sorry that you stopped I guarantee it!
From Charlie C. on 29-Jul-2018

  Landed near Montgomery to get fuel, but pumps had stopped working. This airport was a 15-minute flight, so filed and made the trip. Walked in the FBO and was told that they were locking up (because the attendant had a date) and he couldn't sell me fuel unless I paid a $45 dollar callout fee. No self-service pumps available on field. Was very disappointed with the lack of customer service. I had hoped to enjoy a few minutes with my granddaughter and let her learn the history associated with the airport, but had to depart immediately to find fuel.

Response from Thomas Day, FBO Manager / Lead Flight Instructor, Golden Eagle Aviation
Charlie, please accept our most sincere apologies for the inconvenience this has caused. Golden Eagle Aviation strives for the perfection of our products, services and the satisfaction of our customers. Typically, our hours of operation are 7:30AM to 5:00PM daily unless prior coordination with our office is arranged. You and your granddaughter are an important and crucial member of the Golden Eagle Aviation family. If you would like to further discuss this matter, please feel free to contact me at any time. Yours in service, Thomas A. Day FBO Manager/Lead Flight Instructor (334) 339-0636

From David Lincoln on 14-Jul-2018

  Arrived on 07/12/18 in a Mooney Acclaim. I was met by Tommy, who gave me absolutely OUTSTANDING service! I was immediately parked, fueled (he was very careful and didn't spill a drop of fuel on the paint). Used the courtesy van for a quick lunch. Tommy recommended "The Yellow Store" for lunch (5 mile drive) outside of town. The southern food was excellent (meatloaf, chicken, ribs), but don't judge the food from the outside of the building!! Very little seating inside (2 small tables). Most people come in for takeout. Huge portions for $7.00 including drink. Visited the Tuskegee Airmen Museum (free admission) and control tower. Plan on spending a few hours there. There's a 25 minute movie I missed, but will have to return to see it. Also small gift store inside. The runway and taxiways seemed in good condition. Good fuel prices!
From Tom Carr on 25-Jun-2018

  We stopped in for fuel and my passengers can't stop talking about how friendly and helpful the staff there was. It's a shame this airport isn't busier. This is a great FBO and I will use it as my fuel stop from now on.
From Paul Robichaux on 25-Jun-2018

  Stopped for fuel and had an all-around superb experience. The line staff was extremely friendly and helpful, fueling was quick and efficient, the FBO facilities were clean, modern, and comfortable, and fuel was very inexpensive. I will definitely go back, and am looking forward to touring the nearby Tuskegee Airmen museum. Highly recommended.
From Kenneth Hall on 11-May-2018

  From arrival to departure, everything was great. Full service refueling at a great price was a real treat for a guy used to self-serve. I used the NEW courtesy car to run into town for a bite to eat, and when I got back the plane was ready to go. The airport manager walked out to my plane with me, and we had a good chat. If you stop by, allow time to visit the Tuskegee Airmen's Museum. I didn't, but will next time.
From Martin Pauly on 11-Mar-2018

  My daughter and I just stopped in Tuskegee/Moton Field for the first time, on the way to Florida. We got a nice welcome and good and fast service. They had burgers and hot dogs on a grill outside on the ramp and offered us lunch while we were there. All in all, a very nice experience. We'll be back!
From Jon Greene, N321DD on 24-Jan-2018

  The folks at Golden Eagle Aviation are top-notch customer service gurus! I blew a dried out valve stem on the nose tire of a Beech Baron 58P taxiing out for departure after Golden Eagle closed up for the evening, around 8pm. Not only did Thomas (FBO manager) stay out late on an abnormally chilly Alabama evening, he met my disabled aircraft on the taxiway with a crew car, shuttled my passengers into the heated FBO terminal, then came back out with a Lektro tug, put the aircraft in his heated hangar, and then assisted me in tracking down the appropriate parts and MX personal to get the nose tire changed in the most expeditious manner possible, insistently at no additional charge or after-hours surcharge. Thomas Day is THE MAN, and his team at GEA runs a wonderful operation. Coupled with the cheapest fuel prices around (AirNav/CAA), what's not to love! Stop by and support a great locally owned/managed FBO! A true gem these days. Thanks again guys!
From Charles Greene on 23-Jan-2018

  My compliments to Tom Day, the FBO Manager and his crew. Our son, flying a Baron was delayed to pick up two women at the airport. The FBO was scheduled to close at 5:00. Tom Day kept the FBO open and stayed with the ladies until our son arrived around 7:00. Next, he saved the "day" further, while taxiing out, the nose tire on the Baron blew out. Tom tugged the plane back and put it into a hangar, until the maintenance he arranged could come out and replace the tire and tube. I flew my Citation to the airport twice in the next few days. I found the staff to go out of their way to be helpful, polite and went the extra mile. The fuel prices (both Jet A and 100LL) are extremely reasonable. I look forward to visiting the airport again. Itís a great alternative to Montgomery and Auburn. I hope to also visit the Museum on the field for the Tuskegee Airmen. Again, thanks Tom for a job well done.
From Gehrig Harris, Jr. on 01-Dec-2017

  I received outstanding help and assistance at this beautiful, historic little airport. The weather was marginal, a grey day, and I thought that I might have to wait out the weather there at the airport but the FBO Manager, Thomas Day, brought me into his office and we checked the weather together and got a PIREP as well and I felt much better about taking off for Columbus, Georgia which I did and made it home without any problems. I highly recommend this friendly airport and the free historic tours available right there at the airport.
From Mark Boguski on 09-Nov-2017

  I stopped at Moton Field on my way to Sun n' Fun in April 2017 and it was a great stop. Super efficient line service and great fuel price. Thomas Day the GM was very friendly and welcoming. I was only doing a quick turn to get to Sun n' Fun before they closed, but this was a great stop and look forward to going back and touring the museum.
From William Young on 29-Oct-2017

  Highly recommend stopping at 06A. Excellent service by lineman Connor Owens, great price for full serve fuel, and FBO manager/chief pilot Thomas Day does everything he can to make you glad you stopped there. That would be reason enough, but this field is also an important part of aviation history as the place where the Tuskegee Airmen trained. Allow time to visit the excellent Tuskegee Airmen museum on the field.
From A Andersosn on 16-Oct-2017

  Museum visit, coupled with airport service was NOTEWORTHY. Thomas Day demonstrated what ďSouthern Hospitality means! The airport met ALL of my expectations, GREAT Fuel Price, Crew Car, Tie Down Anchors, Briefing Room, Fenced Airfield, Clean Facility, and CLEAN Rest Rooms. Thanks for your EXTRAORDINARY assistance!
From Chuck Ivester on 15-Aug-2017

  What a great field for a fuel stop, and a chance to enjoy some fine American history. The Tuskegee Airmen National Historic site with a museum is there on the field. Even some pilots on the field were touched by some of these American heroes. Thomas Day, the manager, runs an excellent service. They had my Piper M600 fueling just minutes after shutdown. Nice pilots lounge, good runway, with nice GPS approaches, great fuel prices as advertised, and a very clean facility. Will be back. Chuck, N600MU.
From Gerald Bean on 01-Aug-2017

  Easy in, easy out. Staff could not have been more polite and enthusiastic to help. Low fuel prices. Great Tuskegee Airmen historical site next to the field too! Highly recommend.
From Bud Allen on 26-Jul-2017

  Great people and Great fuel prices. Very friendly and helpful. This is an excellent place to stop for fuel. CAA accepted.
From Austin Mohlenbrok on 01-Jul-2017

  Thomas Day and his staff at Golden Eagle always greet with enthusiasm and are sure to remember your name on your subsequent visits. I went there for their competitive fuel prices but left with assurance that I will return frequently for their service and to be around the legacy of the Tuskegee airmen!
From Matt Hinkle on 27-Jun-2017

  Very Friendly Staff with great service and fuel prices.... I highly recommend you stop... Itís worth the landing
From Larry Pennington N78LA on 29-Mar-2017

  I stopped by a few weeks ago in SC-7 (Skyvan) and was helped by a man named Tommy Turner he went out of his way to help me. If you ever need fuel at a good price stop by and see these people. For a small airport you will not be treated better. There is a museum on the field that I have been told is worth seeing. Thank you Tommy for the great service. PS Tommy Enjoy your flight :)
From Bill Shepard on 13-Mar-2017

  We made a fuel stop at Moton Field. Great jet fuel price, of course, but you already know that. Rather than a 20-minute stop, we spent 90 minutes at the fantastic Tuskegee Museum, and also speaking with the airport manager, Thomas Day. What a delightful stop!
From Richard Lane on 27-Feb-2017

  We flew in SEL to Moton to meet family and see the Tuskegee museum on the field. We were met by nice lineman who took and filled our fuel order promptly. The hangars/museum is just 200 yards walk and is worth the trip. NOTE: The ramp is surrounded by high fence. You can go out but not back in without attendant letting you in. After 1700 hrs, if you go out you can't get back in to your airplane. There is no code for the gates.
From Grant Neilson on 28-Nov-2016

  Golden Eagle Aviation has an extremely welcoming facility with prompt service and easily accessible ramp space. Thomas and his staff have developed a great spot to stop, relax and get treated like royalty while enjoying inexpensive fuel prices for both 100LL and AVTUR. Thanks so much for the awesome service!
From Bryan Bogle on 27-Nov-2016

  I arrived after closing time but there was a plane that was being put in the hangar that was also piloted by the FBO Manager, Thomas. He asks how many gallons I needed and he graciously offered to pull the truck up to top me off for my additional 4 hours of flying ahead. Can't beat that type of customer service! Thanks much!
From Gary Slaughter, Jr., MD on 25-Oct-2016

  The FBO will really try to accommodate your needs. 1st class service. Fuel prices are great. The Students help work the line (Air Force ROTC cadets) Lots of great history! Facility is clean and welcoming. Rental Cars are available.
From Jason Points on 18-Sep-2016

  This airport is hidden gem for anyone going to an Auburn football game. We brought in 8 people into 06A in our Phenom 300. We were promptly greeted by the line service crew they were very helpful. After our passengers left for the game we were given the crew car and went into town for some lunch. The FBO closes at 5pm we were not scheduled to depart until 11:30 pm. Thomas the manger came out and stayed until our departure and didn't charge us any after hours fees, he actually refused, I tried. The FBO is nice nice pilot lounge wifi was fast. I passed this info onto our scheduling people to use this airport n the future for all Auburn games. We had zero delay getting out where Auburn airport was a zoo. Great place we will be back next.
From Dan Dornseif on 31-Aug-2016

  The staff at Golden Eagle was friendly, helpful and runs a first class operation. Our aircraft had mechanical issues while we were there and they went above and beyond to help us get back in the air. First rate!
From Warren White on 15-Aug-2016

  Great fuel price, quick turnaround, friendly people, clean facilities...
From J T Solano on 05-Aug-2016

  Stopped for a quick refueling on my trip West from St Augustine to Boulder. Quick service, very friendly and attentive. Clearly a go back location.
From James White on 10-Apr-2016

  We picked 06A because it was aligned with gusting headwinds when selecting a refueling stop upon our return from Sun-n-Fun in two Cessna 180's. Joe, the line person, marshalled us to parking, introduced himself, took our fuel orders and promptly refueled the two aircraft. The FBO terminal/office was clean and convenient. I intend to return to 06A at a future date to tour the Tuskegee Institute historical site.
From Bob Sauer on 11-Jan-2016

  Excellent fuel stop with unbelievable FS price for 100LL. Craig does the work of three people. So glad I discovered this jewel
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