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Clarke County Airport

at Clarke County Airport

  • Airport management
  • Aviation fuel
  • Aircraft parking (ramp or tiedown)
  • Hangar leasing / sales
  • Passenger terminal and lounge
  • Flight training
  • Public telephone
  • Internet access
  • Restrooms
  • Showers
Aviation fuel services
Brand: independent
Fueling hours: during regular FBO business hours, plus after hours call-out service (with prior arrangement and/or a callout fee); call FBO for details
Fuel prices as last reported on 06-Apr-2018
100LL Avgas Full service    $3.45
Mogas (auto) Full service    $2.69
Prices include all taxes. Prices not guaranteed.
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Contact information
Address:429 County Rd 153
Quitman, MS 39355
United States of America
Telephone: 601-776-6312
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From Art Friedman on 13-Apr-2018

  I'd suggest calling ahead to confirm availability, especially on weekends. We did NOT do that but were fortunate that Tim happened to be there early on Sunday (because Kim doesn't get there until 1:00 p.m.). The pump is not serve-service and the terminal and restrooms are not unlocked unless someone is there to help you. But the service was great and prices are low, so it's a great place to stop if someone is on hand.
From Mark Dymond on 05-Feb-2018

  Great stop on a XC from Tn. to NOLA and back. Stopped twice. Both times, when I pulled up to pump, Kim, the manager, voluntarily did all the refueling. Very friendly airport and the best fuel price to be found just about anywhere. Though not a Taj Mahal, the FBO is adequate for the drop in traveler. Only thing keeping this from a 5-star stop is the lack of courtesy car. Perhaps the city/county can be persuaded into giving the airport one of their run out cars for pilots to use in the area to go to town for eats. Heck, it would add $$ to the town's coffers via taxes paid on meals and any other items transient pilots purchase in town. Just a thought. Otherwise, a fine stop for the general av pilot community.
From George W. Hawkins on 11-Sep-2017

  On 7-Sep-17, on a long cross-country flight. Selected 23M based on AirNav comments and pricing (as usual). Very friendly and helpful line manager. Clean terminal and rest rooms. Drinks and snacks. Agree with all comments in the last 2 years or so. Will return when my travels take me nearby. Recommended!
From Michael Muetzel on 02-Aug-2017

  Months since my last visit, still Kim greeted me and asked about my Dad's declining health. The people here CARE about their customers!
From Jason Smith on 22-Nov-2016

  FULL SERVICE?! Less money for fuel than the neighbor to the North too! I was SO surprised to find this level of service at a small airport. The walls of customer pictures are a nice nod to the visitors. Did I mention they stayed late to fuel me and didn't charge an extra fee for it? WOW! Impressive customer service!! Will be back a third and fourth time over the NYE 16/17 holiday.
From Michael Muetzel on 10-Nov-2016

  Continues to be one of the most convenient and friendly small airports in the southeast. When they're open. No, they don't have 24/7 fuel. Yes, they do have fuel nozzles with automatic shutoff just like at the gas station. That's nice.
From John Perry on 10-Oct-2016

  We had a very good experience stopping in for fuel on an x country. Airport was open, was met at the plane with a friendly greeting and got the airplane topped off. Fuel prices are some of the best in the area. Nice FBO even got our picture taken for the 'wall' of photos. We'll be back when in the area.
From Donn Borden on 08-Oct-2016

  The staff at the Clarke County Airport, are outstanding in their efforts to assist visitors and to promote 23M. Highly recommended.
From Michael Meek on 02-Sep-2016

  Stopped in to take advantage of their great fuel prices and to revisit an airport that I haven't been to for many years. Great service and hospitality. Highly recommend.
From Gregory Ricca on 08-Jun-2016

  Fuel Price is Amazing. Runway and ramp are in good condition. Fuel hose is long so easily reaches. Pump is the slowest I've used. Facility is locked on Sunday so no bathrooms.

Response from Kim Scarbrough, Airport Manager, Clarke County Airport
Clarke County Airport does not have credit card readers so there is no way to get gas unless you are here during open hours and someone opens the office and unlocks the gas pumps during these hours. During open hours the doors are are open for customers to use the restrooms, WiFi, snacks and just rest in the air-conditioning.

From John Barton on 28-Apr-2016

  Great fuel prices, wonderful staff. Will continue to stop by whenever flying this direction. Only rec. Would be self serve for after hours.
From Dana R. Thomas on 28-Mar-2016

  Stopped in with our Skyhawk to tank up with sweet MOGAS on my way to Oklahoma City. Kim met me at the pumps and helped me refuel, then shared a story or two while I relaxed in the warm and inviting pilot lounge. This is a model of what all small town airports in America should be! Affordable fuel, great service, awesome people! I'll be back!
From Vic Roberts N8927V Gulf Shores, AL on 20-Dec-2015

  Stopped in for fuel, Kim met me at the pumps to help & take my picture. Sorry if I broke your camera... Very clean, well organized facility. Thanks Kim & Tim for the service.
From Ted Beumer on 27-Oct-2015

  Stopped here on my way back to Pensacola from Oshkosh in August. I will go out of my way, within reason of course, to stop in again. Fuel price, atmosphere, and attitude... All Excellent! The owner was mowing when I landed, stopped to greet me AND pump the fuel. When I said, "I thought it was self serve" he replied, "It is, so I'll do it myself. Go inside, take a break you've had a long day... Relax." GREAT THANKS to this FBO!!
From Charlie Sisk, Sisk Rifles on 11-Sep-2015

  Great service, excellent price on 93 octane.
From Brian Freeman on 05-May-2015

  Great place to stop for fuel. Good price and nice facility to get rested for a second.
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