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Madisonville Municipal Airport

at Madisonville Regional Airport

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From Mark Miracle on 04-Oct-2017

  Flew a light twin in for about an hour for some business. Upon departure I was stopped by a staff member on the ramp and asked for a $50.00 facility fee. It doesn't say anything about a facility fee anywhere that I saw. I would think seriously about not coming here again.
From Geoffrey Knauth on 08-Sep-2017

  I flew a C172 from Williamsport PA for the 2017-08-21 solar eclipse. After calling several airports the week before and speaking with the people at Madisonville, I decided it would be my best bet. The whole thing was a wonderful experience. The line staff took very good care of all the planes and guests who flew in. The staff, later supplemented by volunteers from the town, was friendly, courteous, efficient and thoughtful. My college roommate and his family flew in in two planes (C414, SR22) from Jefferson City MO, and we had a real eclipse party with food, telescopes, cameras and computers. The entire day was magical, reuniting with old friends and making new ones, not to mention the breathtakingly awesome and perfect view of the sun in totality. It was great for us, and for all of our kids. Well done and many thanks!
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