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Southwestern Aviation, LLC

at Benson Municipal Airport

Services, Facilities and Amenities
  • Aviation fuel
  • Aircraft parking (ramp or tiedown)
  • Flight training
  • Aircraft rental
  • Aerial tours / aerial sightseeing
  • Aviation accessories
  • Aircraft sales / leasing / brokerage
  • Pilot supplies
  • Rental cars
  • Courtesy transportation
  • Pilots lounge / snooze room
  • Public telephone
  • Computerized weather
  • Internet access
  • Restrooms
Aviation fuel services
Brand: Avfuel
Fueling hours: Fuel available 7 days a week. Please call ahead on Sundays and outside of normal business hours. (7am to 6pm) Thanks!
Fuel prices as last reported on 25-Jun-2019
100LL Avgas Full service    $5.25
Jet A Full service    $5.25
Discounts: $.05 cash discount
$.05 tell me a clean joke discount.
"Can't Pass Gas Saturdays" I'll beat the lowest "full serve" price within 50 miles by $.20
Prices include all taxes. Prices not guaranteed.
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Contact information
Address:2200 W Aviation Dr.
PO Box 1057
Benson, AZ 85602
United States of America
Telephone: 520-586-3262
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Comments from AirNav users
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From Aaron Walker on 05-Jun-2019

  Bought fuel, borrowed cool old 55 Cornet loaner car, told a joke for fuel discount... A very fun stop!
From Patrick Jones on 04-Jun-2019

  Absolute great experience at this Airport. Roy was super prompt to help us on a windy, Saturday afternoon for some fuel and to our surprise, fuel was UNDER the stated rate. Stop here on Saturday's for fuel and they are offering the cheapest full within 50 miles by $.20/gallon. A must stop. Great service, easy to get in and out of. I highly recommend stopping here. I know we will be back many times. Thanks Roy from the Jones' and our Cirrus SR22T.
From Todd Bristol on 25-May-2019

  It was our first time flying to Benson and the FBO owner, Roy Jones was just Awesome! He was so accommodating and personable that we actually look forward to coming down again soon and bringing others as well.
From Mike Nelson on 03-Feb-2019

  Roy at Southwestern Aviation made our trip so enjoyable. Great guy. Very accommodating. He has 2 loaner cars and let us use one to drive down to Kartchner Caverns!! Roy was very friendly and very helpful. I will definitely be flying back to Benson and visit Roy again. Thank you!!
From Garry Pohrman on 27-Oct-2018

  Got in late 10/26/2018 Roy Jones came to fuel when we called the after hours fuel phone. He came in 10 min what great service he gave will always stop in and get fuel. Thanks Roy
From Wendy Magras on 10-Jul-2018

  We had a great visit. Roy at Southwestern did everything he could to be accommodating. Fabulous loaner car. Highly recommended.
From Mike M. on 05-Jul-2018

  Terrific service by Roy and Southwestern Aviation. Roy loaned us his blast from the past Coronet with"3 on the tree" column shifter for the ride into town and breakfast at the historic Horseshoe Cafe. Roy went out of his way on a Sunday morning day off to make sure we had a great visit!
From Herb Sharp on 11-Jun-2018

  Oasis in the mountain desert. Roy Jones was great. Needed fuel, aircraft hanged due to incoming weather and advise on crossing the mountains. Service and facilities great especially for the remote location. Roy was at the airport at 4:30 in the mooring to pull out our aircraft at no additional charge. We did not let that happen. Like aviation use to be. Thanks Roy.
From Mike Dunn on 18-Apr-2018

  Wow! Had some land business not far from the airport. Roy set me up with a courtesy car and a $0.05 gas discount for telling him a clean, funny joke. I wish all FBOs were just a fraction as friendly and service oriented. Will be back for sure. Thanks!!!
From Jeff Jacobs on 07-Apr-2018

  Friendly people, good facilities, great fuel prices, and probably the coolest courtesy car on the planet. Benson is a gem!
From Doug Shumway on 03-Apr-2018

  Arrived on Easter, Roy took us to breakfast in Benson as the courtesy car was in the shop. Great experience will return.
From Max Peralta on 01-Apr-2018

  Landed at Benson on Easter Sunday 2018. Roy was very accomodating and came over to top off the tanks. He was very nice despite I had called him out on a holiday. Really appreciated his help and plan to fill up with him again in the future. Thanks Roy!
From Dallas Chopping on 05-Feb-2018

  Arrived on Feb 4, 2018. Good service, good prices.
From Daniel Mosier on 28-Jan-2018

  Landed the Skylane with empty tanks and empty bellies. Claudia topped us off and loaned us the old Dodge to go for breakfast.
From Alex Knox on 24-Jan-2018

  Landed in bad weather late in the day and Southwestern Aviation staff Eric and Erin gave me a ride to hotel for night. Roy, the FBO owner, was kind enough on a Sunday morning to pick me up to get me on my way. SWA fueler, Claudia, took care of my fuel needs for 100LL at a good price. I'll be back for your 3rd Saturday pancake breakfast fly-ins.
From Larry Driskill on 13-Jan-2018

  A visit for fuel on a Sunday morning was an unexpected joy. Roy pumped 100LL wearing his suit and tie. I borrowed the Classic Dodge for a lunch run into Benson and all was as "it used to be". Most Excellent.
From Gary Burdick on 06-Dec-2017

  Flew in last week to visit the Caverns. Roy loaned us his car and we were on our way within minutes. Great fuel prices and a great loaner car. Thank you Roy for making a crew car available. We would be lost without one. I will definitely be coming back to Benson!
From Lois L Black on 29-May-2017

  Great airport to fly into. Easy access to town. LOVE the 1955 Dodge three on the tree loaner car! Runway in good condition. Good gas prices!
From Larry Driver on 21-May-2017

  Flew down from Overgaard AZ with friends to visit Kartchner Caverns. Roy at FBO provided us with an airport vehicle and took care of our fueling needs while at the caverns. Excellent service, very fair prices on fuel. Thanks.
From Bob Wilkinson on 28-Feb-2017

  Stopped for fuel on a trip from Dallas to Mesa, and asked for a vending machine, but instead, Roy gave me keys to his van and told me about Mi Casa restaurant, and walked off. By the time I returned, my plane was full of gas and ready to go. GREAT EXPERIENCE!
From Paul Oreshack on 23-Feb-2017

  Great airport and gas prices. Landed here to golf nearby and was given a great courtesy car to use. Great people who give general aviation a good name. Thanks Roy.
From Larry Schneider on 02-Feb-2017

  Roy is a very nice accommodating Guy. Took great care of our small group yesterday with loaner to a fantastic restaurant, largest piece of ham I have ever been served. :-) Larry
From Bill Kolarik on 02-Feb-2017

  Great airport experience! Nice runway and lots of ramp space. Met by Roy, and he let us borrow the airport van to go into town for breakfast (5-10 minute drive). Excellent breakfast -- and thanks for the suggestion! The airplane was fueled before we got back. Good gas pricing too! We highly recommend this airport -- will be back. Wish more GA people and airports were like this!
From Kyle Washburn on 25-Dec-2016

  Received full service fuel at a good price on Christmas Day. Thank you very much. Merry Christmas!
From Ken Nebrig on 14-Dec-2016

  Spent 3 days with Roy and Eric while they installed a new Powerflow Exhaust, Skytec Starter, and performed my annual inspection. These folks are completely honest, straightforward, and did excellent work at a more than fair price. Worth the 200nm trip to Benson from Prescott to have maintenance done on all my aircraft. Great 1955 Dodge Coronet courtesy car and the Days Inn was cheap, clean and newly refurbished. Great stop.. Great folks.. Give it a try.
From Sean Padgett on 20-Oct-2016

  Roy is the best... Lent me a car, got me a cheap hotel, and directed me to the best Mexican food around (Mi Casa)! This is a terrific stop if you are going to Tucson or to see the Saguaros. Thanks Roy!
From Lori Myers on 06-Oct-2016

  My husband and I flew into Benson Municipal Airport on Friday Sept. 30th to visit family in Tucson. Roy, the owner of Southwest Aviation was absolutely wonderful. There was no tie down fee and we kept out plane there for two nights. He was even generous enough to come and get us Sunday morning from a local hotel. Thanks Roy, you made our trip very pleasant and easy.
From Ken Elias on 21-Aug-2016

  Very nice small town airport...Runway in excellent shape. The airport manager, Roy, lives there (we woke him up early this AM) to experience the airport courtesy car...A 1955 Dodge Coronet V8 with a three-speed manual column shifter. What a throwback in time that is...But if you can't drive a column shifter, there's a late model Nissan as a second courtesy car. Took the vintage Dodge into town to the Horseshoe Cafe...Maybe a 10-minute drive. Easy to find, excellent breakfast food. Totally worth the trip! I will be back. Thanks Roy!
From Weston Rodgers on 23-Jul-2016

  Decided to take a flight to E95 to see some family. I called early in the day to ask about the courtesy cars and a little info on the airport. Once we landed the car was brought straight to us and we headed into town. Very awesome service and nice guy. We ended up leaving our car keys in the car so we made the hour flight back that evening and ate at the Denny's while we were at it. Definitely will be coming back here in the near future. Excellent airport and town!!
From Jerry Furnas on 13-Jun-2016

  Stopped in for fuel and to spend the night on a trip across the country. Got the airplane fueled quickly with no wait. Then Roy let me pick from two airport cars to use for the night and also directed me to a motel that gives airport users a good discount. I suggest giving them a try next time in the area.
From Yoni Boujo AirVenturers, Los Angeles on 11-Jun-2016

  Second time in a row that Roy the owner of the FBO gave me the feeling that I'm welcome, by lower fuel prices, courtesy car, big smile and great sense of humor that'll be definitely a must stop when I'm in the area. Thank you Roy for everything.
From Craig Varga on 06-Jun-2016

  We flew into Benson for a visit to Kartchner Caverns. Roy loaned us the coolest old 55 Dodge for a couple of days. We had a blast in that car. Best if you're a motor head to drive that though. Good service and fuel price. Thanks Roy!
From Mike Savage, President Airventurers on 22-May-2016

  Our flying club, the Airventurers, wanted to visit Kartchner Caverns State Park and Benson Muni was the closest airport. The airport manager, Roy Jones, really went above and beyond to make us feel welcome and our stay memorable. He made available to us two crew cars at no charge, a free home-cooked Saturday morning breakfast, great gas prices and free tie-downs for our 6 aircraft. We couldn't ask for anything more. We really enjoyed ourselves. He even went outside and reported what the wind sock was doing while we were still in the landing pattern. Most of us did go-arounds due to the 15 KT direct crosswind but eventually got down. Even that was a great experience for us. Thank you so much Roy. We'll be looking for something else to visit so we can come again!
From Luci Galgano on 22-May-2016

  On Friday, 5-20-16, I was part of a seven plane fly-out to Benson, AZ from SoCal. Our group was visiting the nearby Karchner Caverns (a must see if you have time). Prior to our groups' trip, Roy, the airport manager was contacted and he assisted with our trip planning. He provided an 8-passenger van and a car for two days with no charge. He invited all 14 of us to the airport on Saturday morning for their monthly fly-in pancake breakfast-, which was delicious, and we enjoyed talking to local pilots. The airport was very secure and none of our planes were disturbed. Thank you Roy we had a great time!
From Tony Samojen on 22-May-2016

  Great service, helpful airport personnel enjoyed caverns and very good fuel prices
From Darrell Shy on 22-May-2016

  Roy the airport manager was great He provided us with courtesy van for the weekend. He also cooked a fabulous complementary breakfast for all pilots on Saturday morning. This is a great place to stop and the gas was cheap!
From Keith Mangelsdorf on 12-Apr-2016

  The service at Southwest Aviation is OK, but a word of advice. Don't leave your aircraft unlocked. Even though I rented a space in their hangar for a week, someone climbed in my aircraft and turned all of the switches on. I talked to Roy about it and he said him and his friends decided after a long stressful flight from Marana that I had left them on, which I have never done. I was hoping to start keeping my plane at Benson when I fly out to see my daughter but if I do it will be locked from now on.
From Steve Pearce on 12-Mar-2016

  Roy is very nice and helpful, if a little weird. He has a very good gas price and several classic cars to go into town for lunch. Usually give a small discount on gas if you have a clean joke that makes him laugh.
From Joe Dubner on 16-Feb-2016

  As so many others have stated, Roy runs a fun and friendly FBO at this sweet little airfield. He discounted the already-low fuel price just because it was a Saturday and then gave us the same discount when we bought more fuel a few days later -- go figure! The '55 Dodge airport car was a real attention-getter in town and icebreaker with everyone we met.
From Zach Fallin on 14-Feb-2016

  Flew into Benson for Breakfast, was greeted by Jim at Southwest Aviation.... After a spirited conversation we then got a chance to speak with Roy, who is pretty much famous on most any review you read about the airport...And well deserved I might add...Took the loaner to the Horseshoe Cafe and can't wait to come back on a 3rd Saturday for Royís gas and Breakfast special!
From Grant Haddix on 04-Feb-2016

  I tiedown at E95 every year for an annual family quail hunt. Roy does an outstanding job and I've never had an issue here in several years. I am running out of clean jokes for the fuel discount though.
From Mike Moore on 06-Jan-2016

  We first rented a plane from Roy in Oct. 2014. It was a great experience, he treated us like old friends. So this Christmas, when we're in town visiting family, we rented again and took the grandkids for an air tour of the area. Roy remembered us and once again provided excellent service with a friendly disposition. We are planning a long cross country this spring and E95 will definitely be on the list of fuel stops. Thanks for all you do Roy! We'll see you next trip!
From Michael Tarver on 25-Dec-2015

  Roy is a rock star! On Christmas Day he gassed up my thirsty Baron with fairly priced gas and awesome service! Really cool airport! Thanks and great job, I'll be back
From Sean-Thomas Bickerton on 23-Dec-2015

  My experience with Southwestern Aviation at Benson was nothing short of splendid! Was visiting people in Tucson and it was worth landing 30 miles away (much lower fuel prices than at KTUS). I could not believe that their courtesy car was a 1955 Dodge Coronet! I haven't driven a three-on-the-tree in 34 years! Great town with friendly people!
From Chris Roach on 22-Dec-2015

  Very good FBO. 5 stars
From Ken Foote on 30-Nov-2015

  As all the other reviews state, Roy runs a great operation. He has two choices of courtesy cars, one modern, and one classic. My young daughters loved riding in the 1955 Dodge Coronet. Benson has very inexpensive gas, terrific service and emulates the true sense of GA. Highly recommend!
From Gareth Williams on 23-Nov-2015

  Canít speak highly enough of Roy and his folks at Benson. Stopped overnight en-route from PA to CA in our 1942 Stearman. Everyone went out of their way to help, and our nonprofit was provided with complimentary hangar space and fuel - what more can I say. THANKS to everyone at E95! Oh...And an awesome pancake breakfast as a bonus on Saturday morning and the coolest crew car ever, as so many have said...And having flown right across the country this past few weeks, Iíve seen my fair share of them!!
From Jassen Todorov on 17-Nov-2015

  Great service, excellent fuel prices, close to town (car available for a quick hamburger trip). Will return soon!!
From Carl Propp on 11-Nov-2015

  My wife and I flew into E95 on Sunday 11/8/15 for breakfast at a local restaurant. I submitted a positive write up on Southwestern Aviation shortly after Roy took over the FBO several years ago. Roy and his sidekick, Benny, continue to provide fast courteous service to his transient customers. His fuel prices are always competitive and if you can tell him a clean joke he may knock a few cents off. Roy works very hard to have a quality FBO. If you are in his neighborhood and your aircraft needs some fuel or you would like to get a bite to eat in Benson, I can highly recommend a stop at E95. You may even get a chance to drive one of vintage vehicles into town, which is an experience in itself.
From Norbert Walbaum on 13-Oct-2015

  Extremely helpful, relaxed and the most memorable courtesy car I have ever driven (a fifties Dodge with great engine sound). A great place to visit!
From Tom OSullivan on 21-Sep-2015

  What an awesome FBO. These folks went out of their way to make our visit to E95 and stay in the Benson area far greater than expected. They kept us informed prior to our arrival and everything was waiting for us upon arrival. I am sure they will not like me saying this but ask for Betsy their special crew car as it will make your visit over the top fun!
From Rob Anderson on 11-Sep-2015

  Recently flew in from Falcon Field and - Wow! 10 years ago Benson airport looked like a ghost town. The effort Roy put into this airport really turned it around. Very friendly, quick to greet us with a fair amount of activity. We look forward to coming back!!
From Phil Parish, from Tucson RV-6A on 26-Aug-2015

  Stopped in Benson to meet friends and go to the Caverns. I knew about the "tell a joke" fuel discount. So I was ready. You only get the discount if Roy laughs. He laughed. Next time we will come back to use the classic courtesy car and go to town for a meal. Roy topped us off and the price was good. Almost $2 less then I paid at Cutter PHX the day before. Highly recommended. PS The Black airport cat is friendly as well.
From Mike Larkin on 31-Jul-2015

  Met us at the airplane. Got a 5-cent/gal discount for telling a joke. Fun place. The courtesy care was awesome. Great people here, great service, went out of their way to make it easy for us (two airplanes). Benson is a classic airport and a favorite of ours, we'll be back, many thanks to Southwestern Aviation!
From John Calhoun on 21-Jun-2015

  Had a great experience in Benson... My parents live there and have flown in numerous times. But under old ownership (not so friendly.) I recently had a pre-buy inspection done at Benson and had the opportunity to meet Roy and mechanic Eric... GREAT SERVICE and fun environment to pass a few hours. Great fuel prices too!!! Thumbs up to Roy and crew!!!
From Ken Stein on 04-Jun-2015

  Southwestern Aviation aka Roy, is an example of some of the best service I've experienced in Arizona. As a Flight Instructor for a large valley flight school, I've been to virtually every FBO in AZ. Nothing comes close to the personalized service Roy offers. Anything you need - fuel, oil, water, rentals, etc is all accessible at a low price and a smile.
From Mike Wilson on 08-Feb-2015

  No self-serve but attendant was quick to fuel. But they were out of oil.
From Charles Brown on 19-Jan-2015

  Roy continues living up to his reputation -- free loaner van for two days, $3.75/gal gas, instant service, and free pop. Runway is smooth and well-marked, good tiedown facilities. The van's a little dilapidated, Roy's working to get Enterprise rental car available on the field. Mark Benson on your map and stop in some time.
From WD Lewis on 10-Jan-2015

  I agree with everyone else that this is a good stop with reasonable prices. I stopped on a Saturday and Roy informed me that on Saturdays he beats any fuel price in 50 miles. Nice guy, great service! The runway is in great shape. He offered us a courtesy car but we were in gas-bathroom-takeoff mode. Good stop!
From Michael Coyle on 02-Jan-2015

  Benson was an overnight stop for us on a long trip, and it worked very well for us. Really, Roy is the reason Benson was an excellent place to stop. Before the trip, he gave us information about the airport and the hotels. He loaned us a van overnight to get our family and all our stuff to our hotel, and helped us load it up. His fuel price was phenomenal, and even that gets discounted if you tell him a (clean) joke. The little FBO building was great; there were even some toys for my kids to play with while I settled the bill! Highly recommended!
From Darrell Wilson on 30-Dec-2014

  We all need to support GA and particularly those that support us. Roy is one of those guys. I was into Benson on business recently in my Mirage for the first time. Roy made my associates and me feel welcome and appreciated with good service, good values and goodwill. I will be back many times, but better prepared with a good clean joke. Really. FYI, when given the choice, go old school and take the pick-up. Power steering is for sissies.
From Luther Johnson on 28-Oct-2014

  Great people, great service, went out of their way to make it easy for me. Benson is a classic airport and a favorite of mine now, I'll be back, many thanks to Southwestern Aviation!
From Mike Moore on 22-Oct-2014

  We rented a C172 to take the grandkids on their first ever "Young Eagle" flight. The staff was extremely easy to work with. Even though we had never been there before, they treated us like old friends and made us feel at home. We'll definitely be back!
From Linda Street-Ely on 13-Oct-2014

  Hospitality, customer service, Benson is the place to go! Thank you, Roy, for another great visit. We always feel so welcome and well taken care of in Benson!
From Matt Riesterer on 04-Oct-2014

  Great little airport! Cheap gas, free crew car, and friendly staff. Roy, the guy that owns the FBO is super nice and lives on the airport. Absolutely no thrills but this is a great stop for fuel and food in town. I flew in at 9pm on a Saturday, Roy came out and fueled me up, got me the crew car and I was out of there in 10 minutes. Great experience!
From Bern Heimos on 19-Aug-2014

  It doesn't take long after your prop stops for Roy to walk over and ask how he can help. Not long after your plane is fueled, you will likely be on your way in the courtesy vehicle. His fuel prices are the best around. After bouncing around in the desert turbulence, Roy is a welcome sight. Stop by and you'll know what I mean.
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