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Rectrix Aerodrome Centers, Inc.

Rectrix is a member of the Ross Aviation family. We are more than an FBO; we offer Flight Hospitality. We anticipate our guests' needs and deliver detailed service throughout first-class facilities. Whether you're visiting us for the first time, or the hundredth, you'll experience staff committed to the smooth completion of every journey.

Our FBO in Bedford features 60,000 sq. feet of hangar space and an additional 20,000 feet of office and FBO lobby space. Our FBO offers the finest in amenities and attention to detail including comprehensive concierge services, conference and meeting rooms, pilots' lounge, snooze room and a weather and flight-planning center.
Laurence G Hanscom Field Airport
ASRI 131.40

777 Virginia Rd
Concord, MA 01742
United States of America

Fax 978-341-8410

 NATA Safety 1st   Paragon Aviation Group   WSI Pilotbrief   CAA Preferred FBO   Contract Fuel   Crew car   Go Rentals   FAA-Approved Repair Station   National Business Aviation Association 
Services, Facilities and Amenities
  • Aircraft services
  • Full Service FBO and Concierge Services
  • Heated Hangar
  • Fuel
  • GPU
  • Deicing
  • Aircraft Cleaning
  • Catering
  • Pilots Lounge and Quiet rooms
  • Executive Confrence Rooms
  • Training Room
  • Onsite Rental Car Services
  • Hotel Reservation Assistance and Rates
  • Weather and Flight Planning Center
Aviation fuel services
Brand: World Fuel Services
Fueling hours: Mon-Thurs 0600-2200; Fri-Sun 0700-2000; On request advance notice after 2200-0600.
100LL Avgas Full service    $7.19
Jet A Full service    $6.99
Discounts: CAA
Prices include all taxes.
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From Brian Roy on 26-May-2019

  Very friendly and helpful staff, from the tower to the line crew to the desk. I arrived to pick up an Angel Flight passenger on a very windy day. Rectrix waived my fees and reduced the fuel price. Jen was very pleasant and most helpful.
From Chris Christiansen on 19-Apr-2019

  We make it out to Bedford once a year and it always the same...CSA's are very friendly and helpful on the phone setting up hotels and rental cars. The line guys roll with the punches, tell them last minute your departure time just got moved up an hour and they hustle to get everything done as if they have no other issues to deal with. Great people, great FBO.
From Eric Hazen on 12-Jan-2019

  Beware! New unfriendly customer service manager and strictly enforced fees even for folks based on the field. I'm done with this place. I will get the word out. No longer recommended.

Response from Ashley Watts, President, Rectrix Aerodrome Centers, Inc. at BED
Mr. Hazen - While we understand that you are based elsewhere on the field, albeit not at our facility, you did pick up passengers at our facility and did not make a fuel purchase. Our customer service staff had advised you that the handling fee would be waived (which we did) and that nominal parking fee would be charged in light of the fact that you did not purchase fuel. However, you wanted use of our ramp and facility for your aircraft and passengers free of charge. While we do appreciate the fact that you are based elsewhere on the field, as shown by the waiver of the previously mentioned fee, Rectrix does have employees to pay and an infrastructure to maintain for its customers, employees and Massport.

From Philip Greenspun on 28-Nov-2018

  Rectrix did a great job coordinating the loading of 50 sea turtles into a PC-12 so that they could be returned to Florida for further rehabilitation. The plane was kept in the hangar overnight so that the turtles wouldn't be put into a cold fuselage. The Rectrix line crew worked with NOAA and the New England Aquarium to get the turtles into the plane. We were towed out expeditiously so as to minimize the transport time. There are no bargains at Hanscom, unfortunately, but Rectrix provides excellent service at a fair price.
From Tom Hart on 03-Nov-2018

  My thanks to Ray and Megan for passenger arrangements!!! Second only to flying safely, is making sure the passengers arrive at the business location on time. The Rectrix operation made that part possible with on time transportation, most certainly making my job easy. Again thanks to your professional staff from the front desk to the line guys. What a great operation!!!
From Glenn Bergeron on 20-Sep-2018

  I was similarly charged a large fee (to me, $207) in July 2018 (including Massport fees, etc.) for a passenger pickup and subsequent drop off for a scenic flight in my PA28. Although I am understanding of FBO's costs and need to uphold standards, a little forward information would be helpful so that an economic choice can be made. I had better results (lower charge which included a 25 gallon top off) with a similar flight to KBED to another FBO on the field in August 2018. I'll admit the marshaling job and chocking of my nose wheel was top notch. ;-). I heard a quote recently.... "A million here and a million there and pretty soon, we're talking serious money!"
From LeRoy Melcher on 26-Aug-2018

  Where do I start? We showed up with a heavily loaded King Air, and the line guys were all over us like ants at a picnic! They had the suburban loaded before I was out of the cockpit. They asked repeatedly what more they could do to help. But it gets better. Hannah at the front counter could be a stand up comic. Frighteningly friendly, tremendously helpful, CAA pricing, what more can I say. This was one of the best FBO experiences I have had in a while.

Response from Ashley Watts, President, Rectrix Aerodrome Centers, Inc
Mr. Melcher, Thank you for you recent visit to our facility at KBED. We certainly appreciate the positive feedback and I will pass along the kind words to our line and customer service team. Regards

From Bruce Gilbert on 12-Jun-2018

  A quick review of our Rectrix visit. Arrived in a friend's M2 and were parked and greeted by 2 attendants. Fuel order taken and appropriately completed. The FBO lobby area(s) is wonderful; bright, spacious and inviting. The large open setup can accommodate multiple arrivals yet allows privacy thru a number of unique areas off the main entrance way. The (staff provided) lunch recommendation was perfect and the crew car was brand new. Of note on this trip my daughter left her cell phone in the lobby! And we didn't realize until flying over NY. No problem, Rectrix staff had already secured the phone, called my wife and had it boxed and ready for FedEx shipment to our home that evening. I couldn't ask for a better solution... Or 'teaching moment' for my daughter. Rectrix is 1st class all the way. I wish every FBO visit were like this... Except for the cell phone part :-)

Response from Ashley Watts, President, Rectrix Aerodrome Centers, Inc.
Mr. Gilbert, Thank you for your positive feedback regarding our Rectrix team and facility at KBED. We are happy to hear that your daughter was "reunited" with her phone and that you enjoyed your visit here. We look forward to seeing you again soon.

From Alex Haggan on 09-Jun-2018

  Let me start out by saying that the FBO looked fantastic and the staff was friendly but you will pay for every step you take on the ramp and in the FBO. For a single engine Cessna 172 I was charged $197.32 for being there for only 15 minutes. As one of the "little guys" this price is extremely outrages for the services. I'm not saying that this is a terrible FBO and you should never go there, just be warned, your bill will surprise you. Here is the itemized bill for my 15 minutes at that FBO: - Ramp Fee (Daily): 39.00 - Default handling fee: 132.00 - AP Proc. Fee: 7.50 (I don't even know what this is) - Infrastructure fee: 14.00 Keeping in mind that this was for a 15 minute stop in a Cessna 172

Response from Richard Cawley, CEO, Rectrix Aerodrome Centers, Inc. at BED
Mr. Haggan, FBO's have to keep up with the challenge of increased costs; particularly health care, utilities, and airport concessions. We are simply passing these costs through with no markup. At Rectrix, we pay our employees very well and pay for 70% of their health care costs that have doubled since the affordable health care act. The airport-processing fee. This fee is a pass through cost-no mark up that relate to the multitude of reports that we are required to provide to the airport. Infrastructure fee. This fee is also a pass through fee for the required maintenance in order to keep the ramp and facility 100% safe at all times. Ramp fee. This is a fee we charge to assist us in recouping our capital expenditures. No different than paying to park your car in a parking garage. Our fees represent true costs and nothing is hidden. Our customers, employees and safety go hand and hand and we treat this as our number one priority.

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